Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Borders Quilt......quilt along....

Welcome to the first round of The Border Quilt by Patterns by can find the pattern here on her Etsy shop or to find more information on the quilt along--you can go to her blog here.

I was so excited when Jen let me know I was going to be a part of her Borders Quilt quilt along!!
All kinds of questions went through my mind--what colors should I use, how many borders
should I add, what will I talk about??
Then I turned away from the computer and my gaze landed upon this quilt I made a few years ago at a retreat with Eyta Sitar as the teacher. Inspiration!! I had so much fun just using random colors pulled from the suitcase of fabric I had brought along to use.

So here you go--the Borders Quilt is right here in this gray tote!! I have been collecting  various size cuts of bright, colorful, modernish fabrics and storing them here under my ironing table for a few years--and now is the time to use them!! No planning just random mix and match using the fabric that speaks to me on the day!!

Now if you are more the planning type sewist--go check out Jen's blog here where she has so generously provided a fabric planning for you to download.

Over the summer, Jen has been interviewing the bloggers that will be a part of her quilt along. Brilliant solution to her problem of fabric not arriving as scheduled.
You can find the interview she did with me here.

So here it center for the Borders Quilt. Since I am going to be going randomly scrappy with the Borders Quilt, my thought is to keep the center simple. This word fabric from Art Gallery was just the right one!!

Stay tuned for what might inspire the next round!! And check out all the other bloggers participating.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Adventure Dash with London Calling...Great Outdoors Island Batik Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on the Island Batik Great Outdoors Blog Hop. Coming to you right now as I sit on the shore of Elbow Lake in Northern Minnesota at The Jolly Fisherman Resort. The day is drizzily and cold--seems quite fitting for the London Calling line of batik fabrics!!!

They can be found here on the Island Batik website. Look for them in your local quilt shop!!

London Calling is a collection of blues--from dusty light to deep dark navy including multiple steps of blue inbetween. The collection of 20 half yard cuts along with 2 yards each of a light and dark were supplied to me by Island Batik as part of their Ambassador program.

I have been in need of a new quilt for our little pickup camper--this was the perfect line of fabric to design a new quilt for that purpose. I envisioned a giant churn dash type block using all the fabrics of the collection.

I just love pretty stacks of fabric all cut with the GO! 12" Mix & Match Qube. I have  a written up a small tutorial sheet for cutting instructions with the Accuquilt Qube system along with a coloring page to make your own Adventure Dash quilt. You can find that here on my Craftsy site as a free download.

Chain piecing....and piecing.....and piecing!

Loaded on the longarm...ready to quilt...

...while the butterflys enjoyed the zinnias in front of the studio window.

Adventure Dash...72" sqaure...on the dock outside the cabin!! There was a very small break in clouds yesterday to let sunshine through. Creating the perfect opportunity to catch all the great colors in the London Calling collection from Island Batik. I also used the Hobbs 80/20 batting and Aurifil thread to do the quilting that were provided to me in the Ambassdor box earlier this year.

A couple of cute grandchildren creating a path of leaves for catepillars to eat--so it can make a cacoon in the house they made for it, to eventually become a butterfly. Oh the joy of creating in the Great Outdoors!!!

Enjoy my view as I write this post!!!

I do all of my quilting freehand on an APQS Millie. The design I used for Adventure Dash I call Wind Map. I love the great background texture it gives to an outdoors type quilt. If you have ever seen a topographical map of lakes, it will look kind of like this quilting design. Each line representing different depths of the lakes' water so that fishermen who know what they are doing can find the fish.

Benches on the end of the dock make for a great place to watch and listen to the loons. Such an erie yet beautiful sound!!!

Love me a reversible quilt!! I had planned to use the flying geese rows on top and bottom of Adventure Dash--but it felt too big. And after cutting, sewing and pressing all of the blocks--there was no way that they weren't going to be used!! So perfect on the back with the 2 yard cuts of light and dark!!!

Thanks for coming along with me on The Great Outdoors Blog Hop from Island Batik. The photo above shows all the fabrics I have left of London Calling. Please like my Lizard Creek Quilting Facebook page and leave me a comment there telling me your favorite place to vacation with your family and I will randomly choose a winner!!

Make sure you check out all the other Ambassador posts!! There may be more giveaways on them!!
You can find the list of blogs here on Island Batik's blog. Along with a great giveaway from Island Batik!!

It is good to realize that if love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach our children to honor nature's gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever. --Jimmy Carter

Monday, July 2, 2018

Petal Perch....June assignment

Island Batik's Ambassador assignment for June--Modern Style and larger than 36" x 36". It should include open negative space, high contrast fabrics and strong graphic appeal.

Now, those requirements are quite far to the left of what I usually design!! But I do love a challenge!!

I started with inspiration from a traditional pattern of mine--Mixed Bouquet--you can find that pattern here on Craftsy.

Using the Orange Peel die #55455 from AccuQuilt. I cut out several petals from the Plum Delicious line by Island Batik. These are leftover fabrics from the Mixed Bouquet quilt.

I really did not have a plan at all when I started this morning!! I cut out the petals and had some left over backing strips of Heather--Eclectic Garden--then just started sewing.  And then some ripping--until a plan started to present itself!!

After trying 3 different colors for the "perches" I finally came to the perfect choice.

I used a Frixon pen and the 45 degree line on an acrylic ruler to make an X for petal placement.

I also peeled apart some scraps of Steam A Seam Lite 2 and placed them on the X.

Violla!! Perfectly easy placement for the petals!! I choose not to cover the backs of the petals with fusible web to keep the applique shapes soft and flexible as this quilt might end up to be a baby gift.

Loaded up the little quilt on the longarm and went to quilting. Since I am thinking it will be a baby gift for a sweet little girl I decided to go with ribbon meander freehand quilting. And then when I came to the petals I could sneek right in and do a double line of doodle stitching to applique and quilt at the same time!! Win for the time column!!

Strong south winds are never good for taking outdoor photos when living on a hill.....

 ...and trying to take photos by myself---there were several failed attempts!!!

 So lay on the grass it is for this photo shoot!!!

 Petal Perch!! Strong graphic appeal!! Super cute and super fast!!

 Thank you to Island Batik for supplying the fabrics for this project and to Aurifil for the thread!!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Quilter's Planner.....block 6....

....what a fun and easy block this was!!! Only 2 shapes needed...sqaure and half sqaure triangle.

The 12" GO! Mix & Match Qube will have the right dies for block #6.

Die #2 is the square--will use 6 background
Die #5 is the HST--will use 2 HST of 5 colors and 10 HST of background

If I don't use the seam guide that came with the 97D Bernina foot--I will washi tape an angle guide to the sewing table and then can just chain piece those HST in no time!!

Oh so pretty....those fabrics from the City Culture 2 line of Island Batik!!!

Have you heard all the hype about the wool pressing mats?? Well, I caved in to buying one....and guess what--they do really work nice. The wool retains heat from the iron so I will arrange the pressed pieces and leave them on the mat until it is full. The residual heat does it's job in giving a nice crisp press!!

The great slatey blue colors in this block have a galvanized steel look to me... off to the farm I went. These are the big gray grain bins that are seen all around the Midwest farming country. Grain is stored in the bins until it is sold by the farmer.

Wow!! How different it looks set on point!! Still in the thinking stage for how to set all these blocks--but on point is really starting to look like a winner here!!

My dear farmer husband is taking a well deserved couple of days off. Fishing in northern South Dakota with our son. That walleye should make for some good eating!!

While he is gone...that leaves me in charge of the chores. Here are the building on the farm. Isn't that sky just gorgeous?!? Actual color--no photoshopping here!!

And the other set buildings were we raise hogs.

Thanks for stopping in and can't wait for the next Quilter's Planner block in this sew along!!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Reading pillows...Island Batik Style

Island Batik Ambassadors were given the challenge of pillows for the month of May. Pillows are something I have not explored in quite a while, but have been seeing more and more of them. So I accepted the challenge...times two.

AccuQuilt is celebrating it's 10 year anniversary this year. They reissued a few dies to commemorate the anniversay. I had no idea why I would need an elephant die--# 55373 or the airplane die--#55366, but the pretty blue tray these special issue dies came with won me over. I put them in my "basket" and hit the "buy" button!!

So the challenge was on--how to use the new dies--and maybe make a pillow at the same time!! A search on Amazon for children's books was just the right inspiration needed for these projects.

I mean just look at how great these three work together. The story book, the die, and the deep saturated colors of Island Batik fabrics!!

Staring with a few 2 1/2" strips from the Elementz line--a great colorful modern feeling line of fabrics.

I stacked 12 colors into 4 rows of 3. Cut off a 2 1/2" square--subcut each 2 1/2" sqaure into 4--1 1/4" sqaure.

Sewed them randomly together.

Then kind of randomly pieced a five row little fabric mini quiltlet--approximately 5" x 4 1/2"
Apply Steam a Seam 2 Lite to the back of the fabric mini quiltlet...and watch the magic happen.

I was just a little excited to see just how cute this elephant turned out!! With directional applique designs-- just make sure to figure which direction the elephant needs to face before cutting!!

Again with those deep saturated still my heart!!

I have recently started using the Steam A Seam 2 Lite and am really liking it. The needle did not get gummy when using my longarm on a another project. Nor did it when using my regular sewing machine to "Snappli-quilt" these pillows.

Making a score line on the paper backing really helps with the paper removal.

Something else I found helpful, was to place the "pocket" part of the reading pillow on the actual pillow form to help with applique placement. The sticky back of the Steam a Seam makes placement a breeze!!

Super sweet clouds were made with the Rose of Sharon die #55045.  I was just having too much fun.

Fun interrupted to make noon dinner--bacon, lettuce and tomatoe wraps with fresh picked from the road sides wild asparugus. YUM!!

Playing with applique placement for the elephant pillow.

Doing a little "Snappli-quilt".  Quilting around applique shapes of a quilt top layered with batting and backing, to finish it all in just one step.

Doodle like Snappli-quilt lines for a whimsical effect.

Bind the pocket top edge.

Use the envelop technique to finish off the pillow. Sew around perimeter. Turn right side out. Enjoy.

Such a super Saturday project. I started at 9AM and was finished by 3PM. That included about 45 minutes for noon dinner, but my amazing husband did dinner clean up for me.

Such happy colors!!

I just couldn't wait to give these to my grandkids--so we brougth the pillows over to them right after evening chores were finished. So glad they live within 10 miles of us!!

Oh what happy smiling little faces!! They share a bedroom and always read a few books together before going to sleep--now they have a special place to store them!!

A great big thank you to Island Batik for supplying the fabrics, Aurifil the thread and Hobbs Batting the the Theramore batting!! They all worked together wonderfully!!!

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go!!" --Dr. Seuss