Friday, March 17, 2017

Time for a Happy Soul!!

The March challenge to the Ambassadors was to make a Mini--less than 24 x 24 with either regular paper or English paper piecing techniques. I have never tried English Paper Piecing or EPP--but
would like to someday, just not today.

Several years ago my guild, Sioux Prairie Quilt Guild, had a workshop using a Judy Neimeyer pattern. I bought all the supplies, but couldn't attend the workshop. So I ended up finding a tutorial on where else but, Youtube!! I was quite the skeptic, as I had struggled with Paper piecing--PP. But it was like a light bulb went off watching and learning Judy's technique. The process of using the Add A Quarter ruler and an index card to trim off the excess fabric so you have an actual seam allowance to add the next fabric to was the game changer for me. I don't fear PP anymore--I still don't do it all the time--but when the opportunity is there--I go for it--fearlessly!!

So diving into this assignment--I put one of my favorite oils in my diffuser--love this smell!!
Made myself a cup of tea--Pomegranate Green Tea--and set about designing. The fabrics in Island Batik's Blushing Blooms were too pretty to pass up--so into the pattern they went.

Using 4" pieces of various strips from the collection I was able to quickly put this feather together.

I love how pretty the pieces look after trimming!!!!
Aren't they just sooo pretty?!?! Can you tell I am wishing for the colors of spring and summer?? We still have snow on the ground here in NW Iowa--but it might be melting this weekend--let's all pray for that to happen!!
Then since I wanted to make this project do more than one job--I used the prompt from Project Quilting. I have been following the project this year, but never participated until this week!!
The idea is to make a quilt in a week from the prompt--this week's prompt--Time is Up!!
I went with the "time" theme by finding a quote a wanted to hang in the desk area of my sewing room--something happy and cheerful. This little 9 x 17 mini just fits!!
The FREE instruction and pattern sheets for this happy little mini can be found on my Craftsy site.

What makes your soul happy?? Find it! Do it!!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Fire Hydrant Quilt Block and Kennel Quilts

There were 2 items on the Island Batik Ambassador list for the month of February. The Galentine's Day post here. And the opportunity to make and donate small kennel quilts to pet shelters that are affected by natural disasters. Find more information on the partnership with Island Batik and The Quilt Pattern Magazine here.

Just for the cuteness!!! This is Maya--my son's hunting dog and my daughter-in-love's tv watching partner!! Who knows what she is thinking here!!!

When I think of dogs--fire hydrants come to mind--and then the creativity kicked in. So I drew up a hydrant in the 12" x 18" size that is required for the Kennel Quilt. Then using 2 1/2" strips of Island Batik fabrics pieced together the cutest little quilt. Along with 2 other ones, ready to be sent of to a shelter in need.

 I have written the instructions for making your own Fire Hydrant Quilt Block  or on my Craftsy store. I think they would be cute in all sorts of fun colors or scrappy reds and yellows for the Fireman in your life.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Using Silhouette to cut Island Batik fabric applique for Galentine's Day

Galentine's Day--yeah not a typo, but apparently a made up holiday for the day before Valentine's Day to share some love with your BFF's or any other women in your going with that theme, I have a few gals in my life that are going through some serious health struggles. They were on my mind and in my prayers as I made these little mug rug type quilts for them.
Isn't this just a great palate of colors to work with--the apple one was too cute to cut up this time but keep an eye out for it in future projects!!
I have had my Silhouette digital cutting machine for a couple years and while I have used it for many paper crafting projects, I had never tried to cut out my applique pieces with it...until today. I drew up a couple arrows and some hearts in the machine's software, applied Steam a Seam 2 to the back of my fabric pieces and sent it through the machine with the suggested settings.

And then this happened!! The fabric pieces stayed on my mat nicely..but it didn't cut through the fusible. It took some tugging to get the heart out--and since the arrows where much thinner and more fragile, I had to rethink my approach.
So I tried again...this time with Heat and Bond Lite. And look at the wonderfully cut applique pieces!! Oh wow, a whole new world has just opened up to me!!! If you are interested, the settings I used to achieve these results are:
Blade setting of 6
Speed setting of 2
Thickness setting of 33
As a side note--my blade is pretty old and getting dull, so I probably should have put a new one in..but I like to live life on the edge and just went for it!!
Next, I cut 2--5" squares from these fabrics, making this a charm pack friendly project!! Sew them together to make a four patch. Make sure to "spin" the seam allowances on the back, making for less bulk.
After applying the applique pieces according to manufactures instructions, I layered the batting and backing pieces and took it to my sewing machine. I have recently added a Bernina sewing machine with the BSR attachment to my workspace. I have not played with it much, but when I do, it is super fun and so easy to do small intricate quilting. I like to applique down my pieces with a doodle type quilting design. Going around the designs twice for a sketchy doodly look!! Since the applique arrows were quite narrow, I used a 60 wt Bottom Line thread by Superior for the sketching.
Add the binding to the back and bring it around the front to topstitch down.
And there you have it!! Two gifts of love and prayers to be sent to a couple friends in need. I plan to write an encouraging note and a scripture passage on the back of each before I send them off.

Thank you so much to Island Batik for jump-starting me into creative gifts of love again!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Adventure....Island Batik Ambassador--2017!

So what exactly is Terri doing now you may ask?!? I am going to be an ambassador for the fabric company Island Batik. The company has been in business for 14 years, delivering quality handmade wax resist batik fabrics made in Bali, Indonesia by skilled artisans to independent quilt shops across the United States.
The company launches new seasonal lines twice a year. Each launch corresponding with International Quilt Market that occurs in May and October. Even though the fabrics are ordered by the quilt shops in May and October, they are not delivered to the stores until August/July and January/February. This is because each fabric ordered is made to order!! How cool is that?!
A group of 35 Ambassadors, including me!! Will receive a box of fabric and thread twice a year. In this box is a collection of current fabrics and new--soon to be released fabrics!! Along with gorgeous coordinating threads from Aurifil and Superior. It truely is a 13 pound box of quilty goodness!!
My box arrived this past week. Each Ambassador's box is hand selected according to the tastes and prefferences that were chosen. Although these fabrics have such rich vibrant color that even if I said to "surprise me" everything in the box would be great to work with.
 The bit of blurred out fabric will be showing up later in some super special sewing project!!
We are given a list of events for the year with a special required project every month. The project is to be made with the fabrics from the box and then shared with you all in a blog post, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media account.
This tower of 5" width of fabric strips are great for stash building, especially for applique projects. Two times a year there will be a Island Batik sponsored Blog Hop, where new fabric collections will be revealed and projects made with those fabrics will be showcased on all the Ambassador's blogs. Watch for some fabric giveaways during these hops!!!
So I hope you will join me on the amazing journey this year!! I can't wait to share all the colors and amazing new projects with you!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Insane Inflatables 5K--2015

Going to see if I still know how to do this!!
Made it to the finish line!! Was a super fun activity to do with the whole family.

Since the kids were very young--I have called any big vacation we have gone on as a Great Adventure. And well basically life is just one big adventure if you choose to make it that way!!

Family memories are not made by default...but by families who are intentional about being together.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Home again!!!!

Early 6am on the bus and up I-29 to home....used up just about all of my Dramamine yesterday--so before leaving went to a convience store to pick up a pack--and since I didn't have a choice but to take what they had--these were NOT non-drowsy!! I sat down on the bus--started listening to my book and the next thing I know I am scared awake by the announcement that McDonalds in CouncilBluffs is the next stop!!! I might have to relisten to a few chapters!!! Just after Sioux City I get a call from Loren that Josh's girlfriend has a softball game in Sioux Falls--and that should work out just right. Bus gets to Sioux Falls about 12noon and since we were both craving pizza--Lois and I went to Red Rosa pizza and it tasted sooo good!!! Loren picked me up and Lois took the car home--worked out quite convienently!!
So off to Sherman Park we went...met up with Josh and a couple friends. The sunshine was beautiful and hot--so I am sunburned and tired. After playing 2 games from 1pm to 6:30pm both games ended in a loss for SDSU. Marlee had a nice game--hit a triple and a single. And I remembered why base/softball is my least favorite sport---it takes a LONG time with not much excitement!! Plus I already had bus butt--now add bleacher butt to that and I was so ready to get home. Taking all that into consideration it was still fun to watch her in her element and do her thing!!!
And so ends my Great Quilt Adventure.......until next time--Terri

Friday, April 26, 2013

St. Joseph, Missouri

Take Dramamine. Ride bus. Ride Bus. Play Bejeweled Butterflys. Ride Bus. Play Bejeweled Digger. Ride Bus. Stop at McDonalds so other riders could get senior discount coffee. Take Dramamine. Ride Bus. Listen to book. Ride Bus. Dinner at Cracker Barrel.Take Dramamine. Ride Bus. Listen to book and play solitare at same time. Ride Bus. Drop off passenger in Kansas City. Ride Bus. Listen to book and play solitare at same time. Eat NutterButter cookies. Ride Bus. Get to Drury Inn in St. Joseph. Wasn't very hungry so had some broccoli soup and nachos and cheese. Went for walk in neighbor hood. Better head to bed soon as the bus is loading at 6am tomorrow!!!
Not a lot of photo opportunities today. Plus my camera batteries are just about dead, so thought I would share a FEW of my purchases with you...
This adorable kit was found in the very first booth I went in--40 X 45 wool applique and flannel piecing wallhanging. It came in that sweet racoon bag. There is an owl, bear, rabbit, fox, wolf,racoon deer--and I forget the other ones. Just too cute of kit to not come home with me. I never seen it at any other booth either!!!
This photo isn't that exciting but it is the supplies needed to do some snow dye of fabric. I would like to try dye some fabric and using snow gives a great mottled effect. Click the link to a blog with a tutorial and gorgeous photos.So I wanted to have everything ready for next winter. Chartruese, Eggplant, Pumpkin and Turquiose. Can't wait to see what it makes!!!
These great buttons from the 70's that will become earrings on my Quilt Diva lady that I cut out the applique pieces riding the bus down to Kentucky.
Of course there were more purchases. A few ZenTangle books--someday I should actualy try tangling--but I love to read the books and they can inspire my quilting!! Some machine quilting rulers, DVD, and a few Digital Machine quilting books.
This trip as been quite a journey and inspiration overload. I have seen some amazing quilts with painstakingly small and precise quilting, great color combinations and inspired design!! I have met some great people on the bus who started the trip as strangers and ended the trip as friends.
Thanks so much for all the notes of encouragement and kind words that you have given me--they are all treasured and help to spur me on to the next level and challenge that the Lord may have in store for me!!!