Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Beat the Heat with Electirc Desert from Island Batik....

Welcome to my stop on the Island Batik Spring Collections of 2019 blog hop. You won't want to miss any of the other Ambassador stops--check them out HERE. Electric Desert should be arriving in your quilt shops soon--if you don't see them, make sure and ask for them!!!

Electric Desert designed by Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quilt Works for Island Batik
Just look at this stack of glorious color!!! So many possibilities--a summer sunset, zinnias in the garden or anything else in your imagination!!

The colors that jumped out at me were the turquoise ones. I have loved turquoise jewlery since I was a little girl when I purchased my first ring at the county fair. I was fasinated by the fact that the stone was mined in the desert, as I had never seen a desert growing up in the farm country of Minnesota.

So I set about to bring that memory to life in this quilt using a pattern I designed Come Into View which you can find HERE.

The motifs Jackie designed in this collection just bring the desert to life--the cracked earth, several differnt cacti, and various blooms work together seamlessly!!

Come into View is a super easy strip pieced pattern, so the blocks come together quickly!!

Following the pressing directions--makes this cute little four patch on the back!! Plus all the seams nest together--so no big bumps at the intersections!! Your quilter will thank you for that!!!

Now--I still live in farm country--so finding a desert near me is pretty much impossible--so I settled for these horses--they kinda have a desert vibe!! And isn't living in a rural area just so cool--this is actually a pasture IN the small town near my home.

So here it is--my turquoise stones surrounded and buried in the desert mountains!!

This amazing vintage car is just across the road from the horses--you can see their fence through the windows!!

Now for the fun part--GIVEAWAYS!! Island Batik is having a different giveaway each week of the hop--this week they are giving away a precut 10" stack--of--wait for it!! Electric Desert!! So head over to their blog and enter HERE!!

But wait!!! There is more--I have these 9 half yard cuts of fabric left--disclaimer--there is about a 4 1/2" square cut out of each one--a spool of Aurifil and a copy of my pattern Come Into View.

To enter--sign up for my newsletter--sign up should be below or on the blog sidebar. Then let me know in the comments your favorite gemstone and if it might spark a quilt design for you!! Giveaway will be open until August 30.

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Thank you to Island Batik, Aurifil and Hobbs batting--when I quilt it-- for suppling the products used in this project.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tree of hop...Christmas Collection...

Welcome back to the blog hop for Nancy Scott of Masterpiece Quilting for her Christmas Collection 2018 book. Purchase your copy of HERE.

Petal Pushers fabric collection by Island Batik
And once again--I am going a bit outside the Christmas box here.

The Tree of Presents wall hanging set my brain into motion--and that can be dangerous!!

Foundations fabric collection by Island Batik
So since I have more ideas than time--I recolored this design with fabrics from Island Batik, added the text, and finally some ribbon curls!!!

How fun would it be to have a Birthday banner to personalize, one for the summer holidays or one just something to remind you that every day is a gift?!?

Little Sir, Little Miss by Bella Nonna for Island Batik
Treat every moment as a gift, that is why it is called the present.  --Deepak Chopra

Again--get your copy of this super versatile pattern in Nancy's book HERE!!

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Let's Gather Table Runner.....

Welcome to the first day on the 2018 Christmas Collection blog hop. Nancy Scott, of Masterpiece Quilting has compiled an amazing selection of her Christmas projects and published them into this easy to read book!! The projects vary in size from small wall hanging to bed size quilts and everything in between. You can get your copy on Amazon here.

While most of the projects in Nancy's book are colored in the more traditional red, gold and green--I took the Let's Gather table runner in a different direction. I have a small collection of vintage Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments that I use to decorate my basement family room at Christmas time. This table runner is the perfect size for my table down there!! So these glorious shades of colors from Island Batik are just right!!

Don't you just love a fabric closeup!!  While Nancy's cutting directions are very well thought out and easy to follow I like to use the AccuQuilt cutting system.

Here is a hint when working with a multi color batik....after piecing all the small components of the blocks, I like to match up the multi colored parts to the colored parts for a pleasing arrangement of color.

Since I chose to make each block a different color--I find it helpful to play around with the color arrangement until it is pleasing to your eye.

Lately these long, gently wavy and overlapping lines have been my quilting design of choice on small projects. 40 wt Aurifil thread gives such great definition to the stitches. I find the design to be softly modern--meaning not as harsh as dense matchstick quilting--yet still gives a nod to the modern end of the spectrum. So a just right happy medium!!

What appealled to me besides the generous 16" x 72" size of this table runner was this super cool end treatment--it looks way more complicated than it is--and you will have to get the book to find out!! Well worth the price in my opinion!!! Love how it looks!!

Love me some vintage Shiny Brite ornaments!!!

Make sure to check out all the other amazing projects over the course of the next couple weeks--Nancy will have the daily linkups!!

Thank you to Nancy for this fun opportunity, Island Batik for the fabric, Aurifil for the thread and The Warm Company for the Warm and White cotton batting.
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Friday, July 19, 2019

Balance.....Aurfil and Island Batik.....

...The challenge for July is sponsored by Aurifil--use 3 different weights of thread along with fabric supplied by Island Batik to make an art type quilt. I have an inspiration for this project--but no actual plan--this one grew as I went along. So how about a few ways I used the threads first!!

Aurfil 40 wt thread was used to machine embroider this collection of sea shells. The design is one that is built in my Bernina 790.  I haven't used the embroidery attachment for two years--oh was it fun again!!! The thicker thread gave such great dimension to the design. 50 wt is what I usually piece with--so just imagine that the 40 wt is a smidge thicker.

After some free motion quilting and decorative stitching--again with 40 wt Aurifil I added some simple hand stitches with Aurifil wool floss. Amazing texture was achieved with both thread weights.

Here I used a 40 wt to free motion quilt the background word along with a line of single letters that spell out the same word I quilted. 28 wt thread was used to edge paint these shapes. The thicker thread makes it so that less lines of stitching are needed to fill up the space around the edge of each shape.

Showing more of the edge painting, free motion quilting and decortive stitches. I also used the Aurifil wool floss to hand sew the binding down with a running stitch. LOVE this!!!!

Now for the inspiration...Balance...a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions--"try to keep a balance between work and relaxation".
To try keep our life in balance we took a trip to Carlsbad, CA this winter--nice to get some sunshine while the weather was frightfully cold in Iowa.

While driving on the Costal Highway we stopped in a cute little town--Del Mar--where we walked along the beach until it started raining!!

The vast amount of rocks on this beach were in colors that I don't normally see--who knew there was such beautiful turquoise colored rocks?!?! What fun I had collecting and making the tower just right!!

My treasures from that trip--a couple of shells, a piece of sea glass and a heart shaped turquiose colored rock that was on the top of the rock tower--I really wanted to take the large one on the bottom, but didn't want to overweight our luggage!! All to remind me to keep BALANCE in my life!! July art quilt!!!

"Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete; it's a sense of harmony. It is essential to maintaining quality in life and work."                                 --Joshua Osenga

Monday, July 1, 2019

Dream Catcher....Island Batik Style...

...assignment for June was to try a new technique!! Well how fun that sounds--I love a wide open challenge!!

The 1" Strip Cutter die from AccuQuilt made it super fast to cut a large pile of strips. The fabrics are from Island Batik, when I visited the office in Carlsbad this spring--see here--I was gifted a large stack of color samples that didn't make the final fabric cut--but are still beautiful so I figured this was a perfect place to use them!!!

After doing some research on Pinterest along with a distant knowledge of macrame from the 7th grade, I set out with a plan in my head!!

Since the fabric strips were short, I would have to keep adding additional strips, the thought was to apply some Elmer's glue and then hit the join with the flat iron to quickly dry the glue......

....yeah, that didn't work as expected---so hot glue gun to the rescue!!! It might have been better to just quickly overlap and stitch all the fabric strips together--but my sewing machine was all packed up yet from a class I had went to--and remember the challenge is to Try It!!!

The fabric strips handled being macramed--is that even a word??--very well. Except for the hot glued joins. I would definitely stitch the joins if I try this process again!!

The process was really fun and actually quite a stress reliever from all the secret sewing I have been doing lately!! Thanks to Island Batik and AccuQuilt for products used in this project!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Make it Modern in May on Memorial Day Weekend....

...Island Batik assignment for May was to make a modern quilt...the quilt must incorporate one of the characteristics of modern quilts as defined by the Modern Quilt Guild--the use of bold colors and prints, high contrast and graphic areas of solid color, improvisational piecing, minimalism, expansive negative space and alternate grid work. Hobbs batting is our sponor for the month!!

I must admit that this project was on the back burner of my mind this month due to farming and the excitement of going to Spring Quilt Market along with the getting ready to go!!

Do you ever have an idea come to you as you are falling asleep--and then more ideas come in your dreams?? Well that is where this one came from!! I had a crazy idea to make some kind of set of rays using Half Square Triangles (HST). Since I have all the AccuQuilt Qubes, how fun would it be to make each flying geese unit from the largest HST in each Qube. After doing some figuring--using the Qubes, I could made from 6" to 1" HST!! Don't forget to check your Corners Qubes for HST too!! That is where I found the 1" HST.

Such pretty pieces all cut and ready to sew...

...all sewn and ready for pressing. A little trick when making flying geese from HST is to press half of your units to the white and the other half to the colored. That way the seams will nest perfectly when piecing the units together.

As you can see in this photo.

Loving the bold contrast of colors here.

The rays are all complete. Now to ponder their arrangement.

Loaded the quilt on the longarm and decided to do some free flowing ribbons coming off some of the ray points. I know this might not be the most modern take on quilting here--but it is what the quilt told me it wanted!! And when the quilts speak to me, I must listen!! Hobbs 80/20 batting provides such great loft and definition to the quilting.

Honor--definition as a verb--to hold in honor or high respect.
Service--definition as a noun--an act of helpful activity, help, aid.

My father-in-law was drafted into the Army during the Korean War. Serving his country is something that he is very proud of.

Small town love!!!

The cemetary for our town is just 1/2 mile from our home. The VFW puts flags on the head stones.

This tall standing head stone of a WW1 veteran is so weathered that the name is no longer visible. But the act of service to our country will never be forgotten!!

These fallen heroes represent the character of a nation who has a long history of patriotism and honor - and a nation who has fought many battles to keep our country free from threats of terror. 
--Michael N. Castle