Monday, May 4, 2020

Designer tips and techniques....come along and join us....

...join us on May 5 through May 9, from 12pm EST to 8 pm EST, every hour on the hour as designers present a 15 minute Facebook Live on quilting/stitching tips and techniques!!!

How much fun is this going to be!!
The entire list is below--so be sure to check back each day!!


May 5
May 5 12pm ET Cherry Guidry - launch
May 5 12:30pm ET Janellea Macbeth
May 5 1pm ET Jen Frost
May 5 2pm ET Teresa Weaver
May 5 2:30pm ET Jo Westfoot - The Crafty Nomad Jo Westfoot - The Crafty Nomad
May 5 3pm ET Becca Fenstermaker (Pretty Piney Quilts)
May 5 4pm ET Michelle Renee Hiatt
May 5 4:30pm ET Margaret Willingham-Eye of the Beholder Quilt Design
May 5 5pm ET Marlene Oddie
May 5 5:30pm ET Annie Unrein
May 5 6pm ET Leanne Parsons
May 5 7pm ET Jennifer Fulton
May 5 7:30pm ET Reed Johnson
May 5 8pm ET Tammy Silvers - launch

May 6
May 6 12pm ET Sue Pelland
May 6 1pm ET Annette Ornelas
May 6 2pm ET Kate Colleran
May 6 3pm ET Melissa Marginet
May 6 4pm ET Jackie Kunkel
May 6 5pm ET
May 6  5:30pm ET Melissa Merriman Harr
May 6 6pm ET Laura Piland
May 6 7pm ET Terri Vanden Bosch
May 6 7:30pm ET Swan Sheridan
May 6 8pm ET Annie Smith

May 7
May 7 12pm ET Lynn Kane, Puppy Girl
May 7 1pm ET Cristy Fincher
May 7 2pm ET Debbie Wendt
May 7 3pm ET Shelley Cavanna, Coras Quilts
May 7 4pm ET Monique Kleinhans, Ladybug's Cabin
May 7 5pm ET Heidi Pridemore
May 7 6pm ET Jerry Stube, Jerry Stube Designs
May 7 7pm ET Simone Fisher, Simone Quilts
May 7 8pm ET Nicole Moore, Sew Much Moore

May 8
May 8 12pm ET Becky Campbell
May 8 1pm ET Tina Dillard - Quilting Affection Designs 9
May 8 2pm ET Beth Helfter - EvaPaige Quilt Designs
May 8 3pm ET Sherri Noel - Rebecca Mae Designs
May 8 4pm ET Kathleen McCormick - Kathleen McMusing
May 8 5pm ET On Williams Street - Kimie and Missy
May 8 6pm ET Andi Stanfield - True Blue Quilts
May 8 7pm ET Nancy Scott - Masterpiece Quilting
May 8 8pm ET Lisa Ruble

May 9
May 9 12pm ET Sherry Shish
May 9 1pm ET Cristina De Miranda / Ships & Violins
May 9 2pm ET Toni Smith/Quiltoni
May 9 3pm ET Hexadoodle Quilts/ Alison Stothard
May 9 4pm ET Bobbie Gentili ~ The Geeky Bobbin
May 9 5pm ET Ebony Love - LoveBug Studios
May 9 6pm ET Carolina Moore
May 9 7pm ET Kathryn LeBlanc of Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio
May 9 8pm ET Tammy Silvers/Tamarinis - wrap up presentation

The following designers will also be sharing on their Instagram accounts:
Instagram Schedule:

May 5

May 5 12:30pm ET IG Cherry Guidry – launch
May 5 1:00pm ET   Janellea Macbeth
May 5 1:30pm ET IG   Jen Frost          
May 5 3:00pm ET        Jo Westfoot - The Crafty Nomad
May 5   3:30pm ET IG Becca Fenstermaker (Pretty Piney Quilts)
May 5   4:30pm ET IG Michelle Renee Hiatt  @mshellhiatt 
May 5 5pmET             
May 5   5:30pm ET IG Marlene Oddie
May 5 6:00pmET         Annie Unrein
May 5   6:30pm ET IG Leanne Parsons 
May 5   7:30pm ET IG Jennifer Fulton
May 5   8:00pm ET IG  Reed Johnson
May 5    8:30pm ET IG Tammy Silvers - launch

May 6
May 6 12:30pm ET IG Sue Pelland                 @suepellanddesigns
May 6  1:30pm ET IG  Annette Ornelas @southwind_quilts
May 6   2:30pm ET IG Kate Colleran  @seamslikeadreamquilts
May 6   3:30pm ET IG Melissa Marginet @melissamarginet
May 6   4:30pm ET IG Jackie Kunkel
May 6   5:30pm ET IG 
May 6    6:00pm ET IG Melissa Merriman Harr
May 6   6:30pm ET IG Laura Piland
May 6   7:30pm ET IG Terri Vanden Bosch
May 6 8:00pm ET        Swan Sheridan
May 6    8:30pm ET IG Annie Smith

May 7

May 7 12:30pm ET IG Lynn Kane, Puppy Girl
May 7  1:30pm ET IG  Cristy Fincher
May 7   2:30pm ET IG Debbie Wendt
May 7   3:30pm ET IG Shelley Cavanna, Coras Quilts   
May 7   4:30pm ET IG Monique Kleinhans, Ladybug's Cabin
May 7   5:30pm ET IG Heidi Pridemore
May 7   7:30pm ET IG Simone Fisher, Simone Quilts
May 7   8:30pm ET IG Nicole Moore, Sew Much Moore
May 8        
May 8 12:30pm ET IG Becky Campbell
May 8  1:30pm ET IG  Tina Dillard - Quilting Affection Designs
May 8   2:30pm ET IG Beth Helfter - EvaPaige Quilt Designs
May 8   3:30pm ET IG Sherri Noel - Rebecca Mae Designs
May 8   4:30pm ET IG Kathleen McCormick - Kathleen McMusing
May 8   5:30pm ET IG On Williams Street - Kimie and Missy
May 8  6:30pm ET IG  Andi Stanfield - True Blue Quilts
May 8   7:30pm ET IG Nancy Scott - Masterpiece Quilting
May 8    8:30pm ET IG Lisa Ruble

May 9

May 9 12:30pm ET IG Sherry Shish
May 9  1:30pm ET IG  Cristina De Miranda / Ships & Violins
May 9   2:30pm ET IG Toni Smith/Quiltoni
May 9   3:30pm ET IG Hexadoodle Quilts/ Alison Stothard
May 9   4:30pm ET IG Bobbie Gentili ~ The Geeky Bobbin
May 9   5:30pm ET IG Ebony Love - LoveBug Studios
May 9  6:30pm ET IG  Carolina Moore
May 9   7:30pm ET IG Kathryn LeBlanc of Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio
May 9   8:30pm ET IG Tammy Silvers/Tamarinis - wrap up presentation

Thanks and make sure to share with all your quilty friends!!!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Reflect the Stitching Cosmos journey....

..."Nothing can dim the light that shines from within"--Maya Angelou

Reflect the Lights' journey started January 2017. My friend and partner in quilting crimes--Lois--and I, decided to take the Stitching Cosmos class being offered by Sara at Heirloom Creations. The class is still taught at the store or you can find sewing machine brand specific online versions at Teachable.

"Stars don't shine because they want to be seen. They shine because they are stars."
--Alexander Den Heijer

Low volume quilts--quilts with backgound fabrics that read as a light but have a subtle secondary pattern on them--were just starting to become popular during 2016. The thought of making a Stitching Cosmos quilt using low volume background fabrics and a rainbow of thead colors intrigued me. Would the thread--and in turn the stitching--become the star of the quilt? I was ready to find out.

"The darkness around us might somewhat light up if we would practice using the light we have in the place we are." --Henry S. Haskins

All of the stitching you see on this quilt was done with the decorative stitches in my machine--you know those 10,000 stitches that are so pretty, but you have no idea what to do with??? Stitch them out!! Use them.

Each monthly lesson would focus on a new techinque. Pintucks. Spanish hemstitch. Couching. Metallic thread. Double needles. Bobbin work. Combine them with the decorative stitches to create a thing of beauty!

"We are told to let our light shine, and if it does we won't need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don't fire cannons to call attention to the shining-they just shine."  --Dwight L. Moody

Finding just the right stitches to tell my rainbow story was so much fun!!!

"Ours is the responsibility to keep our lights bright for others to follow." --Thomas S. Monson

More couching. A pleated ruffle sewn into the curve. Bias strip. Flower stitches. Rainbow threads.

"Simply shine your light on the road ahead, and you are helping others to see their way out of darkness."  --Katrina Meyer

Chenille. Stitched words. Narrow hemmed gathered ruffle.

Inset circles. More Couching--I could have went overboard with that--but had so many pretty choices from the "Fiber Exchange" we did in class.

"Small lights have a way of being seen in a dark world." --Neal A. Maxwell

Buttonholes. Rainbow rick rack.

"Be a rainbow in somebody else's cloud."  --Maya Angelou

Umbrella decorative stitch. Mini pom-poms! Rainbow. Striped. Piped. Binding!!!

"Let your light shine today, and let your personality blossom too. You don't have to be a people-pleaser, just a people-lover."  --Beth Moore

And who could resist this swinging on rainbows fabric for the backing!!!!

"In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present." --Francis Bacon

"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in
heaven."  Matthew 5:14-16

Friday, April 3, 2020

Quilt Candy a virtual trunk show....

Are you missing show and tell with your quilting buddies?? I know that I am!! So I joined in with this amazing group of designers to bring show and tell to you virtually!! 

A different designer will be presenting a 15ish minute trunk show live on their Facebook page at the times listed below.

I am thinking that most of the trunk shows will be saved to their pages so that you can watch them at your convience. I have watched a couple and you are in for a real treat!!--get it--candy--treat--I know that one was lame--but I have been in the house with only my husband for a few weeks!!

There is also a public Facebook page where designers can post their trunk shows. You will also find the complete list there. Designers Quilt Candy Virtual Trunk Show is the page.

Enjoy the show and stay safe friends!!

April 1 

April 1 12pm EST Andi Stanfield
April 1 1pm EST Nancy Scott
April 1 2pm EST becky jorgensen
April 1 3pm EST carolina moore
April 1 4pm EST Jackie Kunkel
April 1 5pm EST Connie Jonson Sayler
April 1 6pm EST
Laura Piland/Slice of Pi Quilts
April 1 7pm EST Sandra Starley
April 1 8pm EST Swan Sheridan

April 2

April 2 12pm EST Lisa Ruble
April 2 1pm EST Beth Helfter EvaPaige Quilt Designs
April 2 2pm EST Diane Bohn/From Blank Pages
April 2 3pm EST Deb Eggers/the cottage rose
April 2 4pm EST Heidi Pridemore/The Whimsical Workshop
April 2 5pm EST Kate Colleran
April 2 6pm EST Tammy Silvers/Tamarinis

April 3

April 3 12pm EST Darcy Hunter 3 1pm EST Teresa Weaver
April 3 2pm EST Annette Ornelas
April 3 3pm EST Jo Westfoot - The Crafty Nomad
April 3 4pm EST Lynn Kane
April 3 5pm EST Geeky Bobbin 3 6pm EST
April 3 7pm EST Laura Strickland
April 3 8pm EST Jen Frost

April 4

April 4 12pm EST Sherry Shish - Powered By Quilting
April 4 1pm EST Bill Locke - Bill Locke Designs
April 4 2pm EST Toni Smith/Quiltoni
April 4 3pm EST Tammy Silvers/Tamarinis
April 4 4pm EST Jennifer Fulton
April 4 5pm EST Jessica Caldwell/ Desert Bloom Quilting
April 4 6pm EST Monique Kleinhans / Ladybug's Cabin
April 4 7pm EST Heather Long / Coffee and Quilts
April 4 8pm EST Marija Vujcic, Mara Quilt Designs

April 5

April 5 12pm EST Ebony Love
April 5 1pm EST Bill Locke
April 5 2pm EST Marlene Oddie
April 5 3pm EST Sandy Fitzpatrick
April 5 4pm EST Reed Johnson
April 5 5pm EST Diane Harris
April 5 6pm EST
April 5 7pm EST Kathryn LeBlanc/Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio 5 8pm EST

April 6

April 6 12pm EST Becca Fenstermaker
April 6 1pm EST Cherry Guidry
April 6 2pm EST Cheryl Lynch
April 6 3pm EST Annie Smith
April 6 4pm EST
April 6 5pm EST Reeze Hanson
April 6 6pm EST
April 6 7pm EST
Melissa Marginet
April 6 8pm EST

April 7

April 7 12pm EST Margaret Willingham/ Eye of the Beholder Quilt Design
April 7 1pm EST Kate Colleran/Seams Like A Dream Design
April 7 2pm EST Barbara Cline
April 7 3pm EST Barbara Persing
April 7 4pm EST Ms P Designs USA/ Sharon Andersen
April 7 5pm EST
April 7 6pm EST
April 7 7pm EST
Diane Harris
April 7 8pm EST Christa Watson

April 8

April 8 12pm EST Tina Dillard/Quilting Affection Designs
April 8 1pm EST Raija Salomaa/Quilters' Treasure Chest
April 8 2pm EST Robin Koehler//NESTLINGS by Robin
April 8 3pm EST Terri Vanden Bosch
April 8 4pm EST Jackie Kunkel
April 8 5pm EST Leanne Parsons
April 8 6pm EST Laura Piland/Slice of Pi Quilts
April 8 7pm EST
Ebony Love
April 8 8pm EST Tammy Silvers/Tamarinis

April 9

April 9 12pm EST
April 9 1pm EST Nancy Scott 9 2pm EST Jayme Crow/Bella Nonna Design Studio
April 9 3pm EST
April 9 4pm EST
Jen Frost
April 9 5pm EST      Annie Smith
April 9 6pm EST Karen L. Miller / Redbird Quilt Co.
April 9 7pm EST Kathryn LeBlanc/Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio
April 9 8pm EST Monique Kleinhans / Ladybug's Cabin

April 10

April 10  12pm  Sarah Maxwell
April 10     1pm  Teresa Weaver 10     2pm  Karen Overton
April 10  3pm Alison Stothard
April 10     4pm
April 10  7pm Toni Smith/Quiltoni
April 10     8pm Marija Vujcic, Mara Quilt Designs

#quilterseyecandytrunkshow #fblivetrunkshow