Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Quilter's Planner.....block 6....

....what a fun and easy block this was!!! Only 2 shapes needed...sqaure and half sqaure triangle.

The 12" GO! Mix & Match Qube will have the right dies for block #6.

Die #2 is the square--will use 6 background
Die #5 is the HST--will use 2 HST of 5 colors and 10 HST of background

If I don't use the seam guide that came with the 97D Bernina foot--I will washi tape an angle guide to the sewing table and then can just chain piece those HST in no time!!

Oh so pretty....those fabrics from the City Culture 2 line of Island Batik!!!

Have you heard all the hype about the wool pressing mats?? Well, I caved in to buying one....and guess what--they do really work nice. The wool retains heat from the iron so I will arrange the pressed pieces and leave them on the mat until it is full. The residual heat does it's job in giving a nice crisp press!!

The great slatey blue colors in this block have a galvanized steel look to me... off to the farm I went. These are the big gray grain bins that are seen all around the Midwest farming country. Grain is stored in the bins until it is sold by the farmer.

Wow!! How different it looks set on point!! Still in the thinking stage for how to set all these blocks--but on point is really starting to look like a winner here!!

My dear farmer husband is taking a well deserved couple of days off. Fishing in northern South Dakota with our son. That walleye should make for some good eating!!

While he is gone...that leaves me in charge of the chores. Here are the building on the farm. Isn't that sky just gorgeous?!? Actual color--no photoshopping here!!

And the other set buildings were we raise hogs.

Thanks for stopping in and can't wait for the next Quilter's Planner block in this sew along!!