Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I have seen the Blogger's Quilt Festival on many of the blogs I read and decided that this is the year I would try it for myself. I have been "making things" most all of my life and decided to try my hand at longarm quilting 5 years ago. I think I have found my creative place. When I first started I was scared that I wouldn't know what quilting designs to use, now I see designs as the third and final layer of the quilt's big picture!!
This past summer I was part of McCall's Quilt Design Star contest. This quilt "Created to Complete" is my interpretation of Opposites Attract, the theme in the final challenge round.
My husband and I are total opposites--but together we complete each other. Blue and Orange are opposite each other on the color wheel, yet together they complement each other perfectly!!!
My husband's side of the quilt--very structured and predictable--log cabin block in a Field and Furrow setting is perfect for my farmer husband.

 A freeform hand drawn random circle design is perfect for my sometimes CreativeADD mind!!!

Yet together it works just as it was meant to!! CREATED TO COMPLETE
Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy yourself on this Quilt Festival tour!!!!

Blogger's Quilt Festival Stats....
Created To Complete
Designed, pieced and quilted by Terri Vanden Bosch --me
Size 36 X 48
Traditional and curved piecing, ruler work and freehand quilting, photo transfers, crystals,piped binding
Best Catagory--2 color, Art, Professionaly quilted

Monday, October 1, 2012

Created to Complete

Wow--after a few 2:30AM nights--I have a finished McCall's Quilt Design Star Final challenge quilt!!!
With the theme of Opposites Attract--I went with the Compliments Complete theme--same thing just a little different.
 On the color wheel Blue and Orange are directly opposite of each other and therefore called Complimentary colors. They were each created by the Master Designer in such a way as to fill in the gaps for the other color. Always working perfectly together to bring out the best in the other color. The cool blues of bone chilling ice and the warm oranges of a cracking fire make for a great word picture to understand just how wonderfully Complimentary colors work. How would an orange snowstorm feel--or a blue sunshiney day--that just isn't right!!
The definition of Complimentary--mutually supply each other's lack; serving to fill out or complete.
With this definition in mind, Loren and I are the perfect complimentary colors. Both created by the Master Designer in such a way to combine our strengths and weaknesses to totally completely understand and "get" each other.
In the opposites that follow see if you can pick out the pattern---optimist/pessimist, dreamer/realist.random/controlled,procrastinate/prompt,calm/wound-tight,spiteful/forgiving and this last one should give it away--oldest/youngest.  Yes, I am the first one in all the opposites...
So just a quick little overview of "Created to Complete!!"