Monday, September 29, 2008

Looks good enough to eat...

Couldn't resist picking up the pattern for this cute little cupcake!!! And it was as easy to make as it is cute to look at!!! The pattern put a flower on top--but I wanted it to look more like a bakery treat--hence the whipped cream with a cherry on top!!They were meant to be pincushions--but I made them just because I hadn't done any kind of cutesy crafting for a while!! I just put a cotton fill in the top with sand in bottom to hold them up--but they turned out so nice that I just might do a few later with all sand in for a real pincushion.Enjoy the calorie free treats!!!

Wolfpack vs. Indians...

Hey--didn't we get rid of the Indian mascot name because it was disrespectful?!? I guess Spirit Lake didn't get that memo...Anyway I am writing this a little late as I was a little low on sleep this weekend--and now feel caught up enough to make some sense of what I am writing!!!
So back to Friday night's game--once again a gorgeous evening to sit in the stands!! Never even needed to put on a sweatshirt---but Josh came home with at least 20 mosquito bites--not even kidding!!
There was a delicious tailgate supper of pork chop on a stick. The bleachers were full of people. And the boys were ready to play some football. And they treated the fans to a nicely played game--even though the stands were full of people--on a 3rd and short--it was only the parents who stood and made some noise for the defense to dig in!! I guess every one else is at the game just for something to do on a Friday night.
The extra point team was on the field several times this evening--and because of a mixup in how they lined up--it took 3 tries to make 1 point!!! Good thing Adam made all three attempts!!

And after 4 quarters of play--the Wolfpack had made some school history...the first Homecoming Football win!!! and first time for 2 district wins!!! Let's keep this up!!!

Go Pack!!!!

Homecoming 2008

So Ashley came home for Western's homecoming and since Josh had to be part of the Mr. Spirit at the pep rally, we decided to go to school to check it out. Well apparently school doesn't pay close attention to the time it gives for events--becauses we were there at 2:30--when they said it was going to start--and he had already done his thing!!! So we missed it.Josh and Colton were the football representatives--but one of the cross country boys was the winner. He was all dressed in a crazy get-up--and the football boys were just there as football players.
Here is the senior players being thanked by Coach Kooima for putting forth some excellent leadership skills so far in the season. After another skit with the players and some rousing cheers by the cheerleaders, the rally ended with a prayer for safety for all the players involved in the evening's game.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Looks like a Wolfpack win!!!

So, the game tonight was at Sheldon--for their homecoming. Since the football program started at Western it seems as if we have been the team of choice for schools to pick for their homecoming opponent!! But tonight, schools may have to think again on that. Our team came out ready to play some football tonight. Sheldon scored first with a quick little run, but missed the extra point. Several plays later we answered with a nice little run into the end zone--but we made the extra point--could be because the line gave the kicker enough time--and held their man?!?! Anyway--the rest of the game was some hard fought defensive playing and it came down to the last 45 seconds when we stopped them at their 5 yard line!! Or at least that is what I think it was--I was so excited I could be a little off with my stats.
And that is what a pumped up football team looks like after beating one of the school's largest rival on their home field at their homecoming!!! The final tally for the game was Wolfpack 7 and Orabs 6. Way to play boys!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting a head start on Christmas

This is one of my latest customer quilts--and what a neat one to get in the Holiday spirit!!!
A sharp looking Irish Chain with fussy cut various red birds in the centers. I did a nice framing design around the birds.
with the chains I put some straight lines and various curls. In the borders I put a feather and curl .
The color came out a little funny on this picture--but you can see the details nice. She chose a nice golden thread color for the quilting. This quilt is sure to start the Christmas Season off on a good start.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Look who's a Wolfpack tonight!!!

Another gorgeous Friday night under the lights!! First district game and you would think that the team would come out ready to play...well a team did, but it wasn't the Wolfpack. After playing their hearts out last Friday, I guess there was nothing left for this week, because I am sure that it wasn't the same team that I have watched the last two weeks. Sibley-Ocheydan came the right week and they got their first win of the season. Let's hope that the team pulls it together soon.

There were some new "water-people" at the game tonight.

It seems that the usual little boys that have the job were at a Cadet Campout and forgot to get their replacements--so some young girls were recruited for the job. Great job Melissa--you make a cute Wolfpack!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lone Star

Here is a customer quilt I did recently. I have always wanted to try one of these myself, so it was fun to quilt one.
She used a product called Quilt Smart to sew the Lone Star and it kept all the diamonds in line. It quilted through with no problems. This one was a fun challenge for my brain.
This was the pillow tuck area. And now that I look through my pictures--I find no shot of the whole quilt--but trust me it was nice.

Only 30 more days until Des Moines...

I can hardly wait---until Lois and I head down to a national quilt show in Des Moines!! We are taking a piecing class and going to a lecture by Eleanor Burns!!
These are my fabric choices for the class....

It probaly won't actually get finished until the retreat next January--but I am in a Civil War reproduction mood--so some of my next projects will be from that stash of fabrics.

Friday Night Sunset

What a beautiful night for a football game. The day had been rainy and drizzily but by evening and the time it took to get down to Sergant Bluff, the night had become gorgeous.
The game was a well fought battle with us ahead by 4 late in the fourth quarter--but the players seemed tired from the fight and just couldn't hang on. So there is always next week!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Feed the Hungry...

So what does it take to keep the Varsity football team from going hungry??? Five Moms and three tables of food.
Every Thursday night after practice, the cafeteria becomes a mass of sweaty teenage boys, hungry for some Mom-cooked food and we delivered it tonight.

The quanity of food that these famished young men can put away is here is the rundown of the menu tonight.

10 dozen grilled pork loin buns, 8--9X13 pans of Cheesy potatoes, 2 large Oreo cookie salads, 2 large Taco salads, 5 cookie sheets of bars, 6 gallons of white milk and 4 gallons of chocolate milk. And it all was consumed by 65 players and coaches in just 20 minutes!!

After finishing the two plates each of food, they all thanked us sincerely and left prepared to play hard in tomorrow night's game!!