Thursday, February 15, 2018

Block 2...The Quilter's Planner Sew Along...

Oh man was this block fun and quick to put together...

 Block 2 in The Quilter's Planner magazine looked like a snowflake to me--and we have been getting lots of overnight snow lately--so I went with a dark background. The Island Batik fabrics have such deep saturation of color that it is hard to choose. Check post on Block 1 for the range of colors.

To make this block I used the GO! Mix & Match 12" Qube. You can find the Qube at the affiliate link in the side bar.

The light pieces will use a 7 3/4" square of each color and the #3 Quarter Square Triangle die that finishes at 6".

The dark pieces will use a 4 1/4" x 34" strip of fabric and the #5 Half Square Triangle die that finishes at 3".

 Such perfectly cut shapes!!

Sometimes little strings can build up in the corners of the dies--just carefully use the die pick to remove them.

Since switching from a 5.5 mm to a 9 mm feed dog sewing machine, I have been having a few issues finding that sweet 1/4" spot!! I finally got rid of my pride and attached the seam guide that comes with the Bernina 97D presser foot, and WOW what a difference that has made in my accuracy!!

Trying to decide on color placement...A?

..or B?

Lately I have become quite obsessed with "spinning" the seams on the block back. The time I save by using the AccuQuilt and not having to trim all the dog ears--I put into use by removing those couple stitches in the seam allowance....

.....and spin the seam allowances all in the same direction!! Makes for such a flat center. Try it sometime--your quilter will thank you for it!! Plus the adorable little pinwheel is just too cute for words!!

I went with option B!! It still looks like a snowflake to me.

Thank you to The Quilter's Planner and looking forward to next month!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Raindrop Love...Island Batik Style...

February 13 is a Galentine's Day unofficial holiday. A day meant to celebrate your gal-friends. I spent today with my gal-friend doing our once a month sewing adventure day.

The morning started out with my usual cup of Yogi tea--the quote was too good not to share in this Valentine week.

Our once a month sewing adventures have been happening for almost 20 years!! We have talked, laughed and cried through all the seasons of our childrens' lives and are now starting on our grandchildren!! Gal-friends are definitely something to celebrate--especially sewing friends!!

Today we went to our local sewing shop--Heirloom Creations--for our monthly dose of inspiration. The topic was Scrappy Bits Applique. A technique based on Shannon Brinkley's work--see her blog here.

The idea is to make snipit bits of fusible web backed fabric.

Fuse the bits onto the non-bumpy side of lightweight fusible interfacing.

Then cut out the shape. I chose to use my AccuQuilt die for this step. The umbrella by Edyta Sitar. I have had the die for a while--but never found just the right project. Until now!! You can use the AccuQuilt affiliate link on the side bar to find these dies.

Look at that gorgeous wonderful scrappy bits wonderfulness!!!

I also used the Simple Shapes die and the heart from the Serendipity Qube--all also by Edyta.

Adding more shapes to create the little design.

Adding the wavy free motion lines was so relaxing--and actually took the most time of the whole little project.

So much texture and movement--just fills my heart with the raindrops of love!!

Such a super fun, quick and easy little project!! Thank you to Island Batik for the fabrics and the challenge on Galentine Day!!

"Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure!!!" 
--Emily Wing Smith

Friday, February 9, 2018

What's in your box.....

What's in your box??? Yes--this is a post about all the good things that come in a box. Oh the wonderful things that can come in a box! And what better things than 2 amazing grandchildren. In this day and age of online shopping kids can have boxes come to their house on a daily basis. And oh the excitement of opening the box to see what it might be--if they are lucky there will be "pops"--or bubble wrap as it is more commonly known.

The thrill of a new box is timeless!! These little sweethearts are now 30 and 27 years old!! And this little blond girl is now the mother of the little blond sweeties in the first box!! The love of boxes must be genetic.

Boxes can inspire creativity. Living in the country can make for some long days in the summer--but oh the joy of a large box. With some colorful acrylic paints and much imagination it turned a golf cart into hours of play!! 

The anticipation of what could be inside this large box was just too much. It took me all of 10 seconds to get a knife from the silverware drawer and slice it open after my husband brought all 22 pounds of it into the house.

But alas--the annual meeting with our tax accountant was looming--so only a quick peek before going into town. 

Island Batik--Pumpkin Patch--oh what pretty things can I make with these??

Look at these amazing colors!!

An amazing assortment of neutrals--yes gray and blue can be used as neutrals!!

A luscious rayon scarf--I know these are amazing as I have purchased one before. If you see these in a quilt shop--they are so worth purchasing as a gift for yourself--or someone you love!!

A tower of Aurifil!! No need to say anything else!!!

This batting along with a queen size Theramore batting--will let you know how that one works.

Inside this package was a large collection of fabric that will be revealed at Spring Market--watch for a blog hop later in the year. I have no self control with beautiful fabric--I just had to see what was inside!!

Such lovely colors!!

And then my box was empty!! I want to say thank you to Island Batik for letting me be an Ambassador again in 2018. These fabrics they provided will be turned into some beautiful things--and who knows who will be blessed by that!! Also a thank you to Aurifil and Hobbs batting for supplying the thread and batting in this box.

So I ask again--what gift is inside your box?? 

The best gifts are those we not only cherish, but put to use. --Les Brown