Friday, February 9, 2018

What's in your box.....

What's in your box??? Yes--this is a post about all the good things that come in a box. Oh the wonderful things that can come in a box! And what better things than 2 amazing grandchildren. In this day and age of online shopping kids can have boxes come to their house on a daily basis. And oh the excitement of opening the box to see what it might be--if they are lucky there will be "pops"--or bubble wrap as it is more commonly known.

The thrill of a new box is timeless!! These little sweethearts are now 30 and 27 years old!! And this little blond girl is now the mother of the little blond sweeties in the first box!! The love of boxes must be genetic.

Boxes can inspire creativity. Living in the country can make for some long days in the summer--but oh the joy of a large box. With some colorful acrylic paints and much imagination it turned a golf cart into hours of play!! 

The anticipation of what could be inside this large box was just too much. It took me all of 10 seconds to get a knife from the silverware drawer and slice it open after my husband brought all 22 pounds of it into the house.

But alas--the annual meeting with our tax accountant was looming--so only a quick peek before going into town. 

Island Batik--Pumpkin Patch--oh what pretty things can I make with these??

Look at these amazing colors!!

An amazing assortment of neutrals--yes gray and blue can be used as neutrals!!

A luscious rayon scarf--I know these are amazing as I have purchased one before. If you see these in a quilt shop--they are so worth purchasing as a gift for yourself--or someone you love!!

A tower of Aurifil!! No need to say anything else!!!

This batting along with a queen size Theramore batting--will let you know how that one works.

Inside this package was a large collection of fabric that will be revealed at Spring Market--watch for a blog hop later in the year. I have no self control with beautiful fabric--I just had to see what was inside!!

Such lovely colors!!

And then my box was empty!! I want to say thank you to Island Batik for letting me be an Ambassador again in 2018. These fabrics they provided will be turned into some beautiful things--and who knows who will be blessed by that!! Also a thank you to Aurifil and Hobbs batting for supplying the thread and batting in this box.

So I ask again--what gift is inside your box?? 

The best gifts are those we not only cherish, but put to use. --Les Brown


Dione Gardner-Stephen said...

This is a fun post. I have a photo of me in a box when I was tiny. I wonder if I can dig it up! I am still waiting on my Island Batik box but I really enjoyed reading your reveal in the meantime. :)

teachpany said...

Adorable post. Your colors are great! Can't wait to see what you create.

Sandra Walker said...

What a great post with the flashbacks; reminds me of when my girls had hours, no months of fun with a puppet theatre I created out of a fridge box! So much beautiful and inspiring stuff to work with this year in that box right? I'm starting today!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful fabrics!

Quilting Tangent said...

Enjoy yur beautiful fabrics, waiting to see all the projects they inspire.