Thursday, February 15, 2018

Block 2...The Quilter's Planner Sew Along...

Oh man was this block fun and quick to put together...

 Block 2 in The Quilter's Planner magazine looked like a snowflake to me--and we have been getting lots of overnight snow lately--so I went with a dark background. The Island Batik fabrics have such deep saturation of color that it is hard to choose. Check post on Block 1 for the range of colors.

To make this block I used the GO! Mix & Match 12" Qube. You can find the Qube at the affiliate link in the side bar.

The light pieces will use a 7 3/4" square of each color and the #3 Quarter Square Triangle die that finishes at 6".

The dark pieces will use a 4 1/4" x 34" strip of fabric and the #5 Half Square Triangle die that finishes at 3".

 Such perfectly cut shapes!!

Sometimes little strings can build up in the corners of the dies--just carefully use the die pick to remove them.

Since switching from a 5.5 mm to a 9 mm feed dog sewing machine, I have been having a few issues finding that sweet 1/4" spot!! I finally got rid of my pride and attached the seam guide that comes with the Bernina 97D presser foot, and WOW what a difference that has made in my accuracy!!

Trying to decide on color placement...A?

..or B?

Lately I have become quite obsessed with "spinning" the seams on the block back. The time I save by using the AccuQuilt and not having to trim all the dog ears--I put into use by removing those couple stitches in the seam allowance....

.....and spin the seam allowances all in the same direction!! Makes for such a flat center. Try it sometime--your quilter will thank you for it!! Plus the adorable little pinwheel is just too cute for words!!

I went with option B!! It still looks like a snowflake to me.

Thank you to The Quilter's Planner and looking forward to next month!!

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Awesome tutorial....