Sunday, December 7, 2008

Annual Cookie and Craft Day!!

When this tradition started--there was my 2 kids and my sister's 2 kids---well put a few more years into that and now there are 12 grandkids total--with 8 of them eight years old and under!!! Talk about a full house--they put the x-box in my bedroom...
...there were dolls in the laundry room--play ones..and real ones...!!
...and the rest of various assorted toys and kids in the family room...The noise level this year was considerably acceptable--several years ago, I think it broke the sound barrier!! Actually the weather was quite warm--so we tied Roxy to the pole and let them play outside for much of the afternoon.

Several different kinds of cookies and candies were made...Whoops--that picture is a little dark--and the counters are actually quite clean--imagine 5 cooks in that little space--but it sure is fun!!

Grandma had a few crafts for the little kids--and Ashley-- to do--they decorated a small paper machie tree with glitter and sequins--they did this one in the garage!! Then strung tri-beads into a candy cane shape. Have to keep the minds creative and always learning.

Notice in the first picture--Trevor was on the floor using all the beads the girls dropped!!

Then comes the craft time of the day--I usually like to keep it a secret--and my sister's are always excited to see what it will be--we have made beaded bracelet's, beaded bookmarks, a felted wool journal cover--and this year--with all the "green" hype--we made a reusable grocery tote.

I had three sewing machines set up--and the pattern pieces all cut to size already--so all Ashley and I had to do--was teach the step by step sewing. Mom and Stacy were very comfortable with the sewing process--but Janel only sews once a year!!
Everybody was intent on finishing the task at hand before the men came for supper...

..which we did--the guys are usually late anyway--some game goes into overtime--and they have to finish watching before they can come.

What a great memory making event!! There were your standard little tifs and misunderstandings--between children and adults!!--but we are all a family--with the same parents--now raising our own children to make their place in God's world.

It only took Loren and I 2 hours and the house was back to normal and you couldn't even tell that there was 25 people in our little house on the farm!! Memories only happen when you take the time to make them happen!!

"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13 : 34 - 35

Vintage tablecloth gifts...

This summer Ashley and I were on an inspiration shopping trip--you know the kind where you don't really go out to buy anything in particular--mostly because you hadn't been out in the world for a while, so you don't even know what is in style anymore?!? So we were just browsing through Hobby Lobby--great store for inspirations--and found a book all about aprons--I had seen it in magazines--but never in person--and somehow it found the way into my cart!! There is a section on the history of aprons, section of pictures, and then a section of patterns. What a book to get the wheels turning in my mind!!!

So I have had this tablecloth hanging out in my cupboard since I bought it on a garage sale--but I didn't like to use it because it has a seam down the middle and doesn't really lay nice on the table-- I decided to turn it into 6 aprons!! One for each of my sisters, with one for me and Ashley!!
Next to find the perfect fabric for the ties--went looking online--as didn't have time to go to Sioux Falls--and besides--a trip to town usually means spending more money than probaly should!!! Found an online quilt shop-- --I have done some quilting for her, so thought I would check out what she had--turns out there is a new fabric line out by Anna Griffen that matches these vintage colors perfectly. She was totally amazed when I showed her the tablecloth and how great of a match it was!!So being the procrastinator that I am--although actually I thought I was a few days ahead of schedule--on the Saturday before Thanksgiving--I made up these adorable aprons!!

What a hit they were at our annual day after Thanksgiving cookie and craft day!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Farva's Pheasant Nuggets...

So what is a Mom to do with a son and friends who love to hunt--I can't just let them shoot things just for the fun of it--so I guess I will have to cook the game for them. I remember hearing stories of my Uncle John riding with his gun in the combine and bringing home the birds for supper--and have a vivid picture in my mind of a dead bird laying in our front porch--I don't remember eating it--but I was a VERY picky eater as a child--but I digress from my story.
When Josh started to hunt, I told myself that I would learn to COOK the birds for him--I didn't say eat--but I will cook anything he brings home for me--as long as he cleans them and all I have to do is cook it for them to eat.
This weekend his buddies and him had an awesome day of hunting and brought home their limit of birds--so a feast was to be held on Sunday night after church. One cool thing about their hunt is that Josh's free dog is turning out to be a good hunter--and not just all the moles that she kills for me--but points out pheasants for the boys--not bad for a freebie dog!! Now if we could just get her to stop jumping!!
Here is the finished product of all their hard work!!!
Golden brown, delicious--they tell me--pheasant nuggets!!!

...and just like The Field of Dreams....if you cook it--They will come!!! Sometimes there might be a girl or two--but usually just a bunch of guys--eating whatever I put out for them!! Great memories and lots of fun!!

So here it is--Farva's Pheasant Nuggets

6 breasts cut up in nugget size pieces

Soak these for 3-6 hours in a mixture of:

1 cup milk

2 T vinegar

1 egg

garlic powder--to taste

Drain meat and discard marinade. Then shake nuggets in a mixture of:

1 cup flour

1 cup bread crumbs

1 -2 tsp dry thyme

1 tsp. baking powder

seasoned salt and Old Bay seasoning to taste

Then fry in a pan with about 1/2 inch oil. Fry each side about 4-5 minutes or until golden brown. Place on a paper towel to drain.

Serves several hungry boys!!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Magical Meandering Hooks??

When Lois and I were at Des Moines we both purchased a design book by Sally Terry--Hooked on Feathers. Neat concept--make feathers without backtracking. So next up on the list in the studio was Lois' "Three's A Crowd"--and she lets me try new things on her quilts--so I did the Magical Meander concept by Suzanne Early with Hooked Feathers.
First you draw a large meander over the quilt and then come back and put the feathers off the spine--I really like doing this and it gives great texture to the piece at an allover price.Come to think of it--I made a quilt like this too--we both took a pattern testing class by Ingrid Barlow...and I put a Magical Meander on mine too.It is now on Ashley's bed in her apartment--she loves it!!

Adorable Quilt Week...

So a couple weeks back--It was adorable quilt week at the Lizard Creek studio!!!! First I did the Smore's snowmen--pic on previous post.

Then this bright and sassy ladybug one...
I put meandering in the green areas and pebbleing in yellow around lady bugs. With a feather and curl vine in outer borders.
And if that isn't enough cuteness--how about this back?!?
Next up on the list...Snowmen snuggling under a quilt!!!

What acute concept--keeping snowmen warm!!! Put holly and ribbon curl in outer border. Some continuous curves in the "quilt" Outlining around the snowmen with meandering and stars in the background. Just might have to try something like this someday!!!

It's going to be hard to top this adorable week in the studio!!!

Post season play

Yeah--it's been a while--and since I didn't write about winning the playoff game--I am sure that you guessed that we lost the game against Okoboji. It was a clear, crisp, cool night for a post season game and the air was optomistic--but in the end they had more touchdowns than we did--of course right now I can't remember the score.

But I know that Josh went out a couple times!! Any way--come next fall when Friday nights come around--I just might have to go to a few more Wolfpack games.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Playoff bound!

So--the playoff game will be 7pm, Wednesday night, at Okoboji. Josh says that they are an evenly balanced team--but pray that we give them a good game. And may the best team win.

Too cute!!!

Just finished quilting this adorable "Smore's" quilt. Apparently this is a new colorway for Christmas. I have seen pink and purple snowmen last year too. Just had to share the cute fabrics!!!

The snowman needs a face yet--but so cute. I put a windy type swirl meander on this one.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Last game of regular season...

Here I am, sitting up waiting for Josh to come home, writing my final Friday night football update. The night started out full of anticipation. We are facing our fellow school rival--Unity Christian. They have already secured a playoff spot with home field advantage--but they are meeting us on our homefield for the last game of the season, and they had better come ready.

To begin the night's activities the Senior players and their parents were recognized. 15 boys who put their heart and soul into learning the game. And the parents who put up with the sweaty, smelly and dirty clothes that came home with the players!! But it was all worth it!!! What a growing experience this has been. Make a goal. Practice hard. Persevere. Move forward. Hold your head up high!!!The team verse for the year--Matthew 23 : 12--"For whoever exhalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exhalted." Learning to not think of yourself and your desires but to put others in front of yourself for the betterment of everyone. What better way to learn about having a servant heart--than being part of a football team.
On to the game--the boys--and the fans came ready to play. The night air was cold and crisp with the hints of moisture that was to come in the second half. After 2 quarters of intense play, Unity was up by 6. We stayed right in the game keeping them to many 3 and outs!! Our defense really stepped up and played their game.
We had several times in the 10 and goal but just couldn't connect on another touchdown. After a very hard fought and well played game Unity came out on top 26 to 6.

There has been some reorganization in how many teams make the playoffs--and there is a possiblity that we might make it--more on that when I find out!!!

As a parent, I like the fact that we play a fellow Christian school for the final game of the season. We are each playing for our school--but ultimately for the same Lord. What a blessing and privilege it was to see the all the boys and coaches take a knee at center field and give the glory to the Lord.

And if that wasn't enough for a football mom--the Senior boys had yet to do the tradition full field walk. They start under the goal posts and walk the entire field holding hands. The last time on the home field as a Wolfpack football team. The last time in the home bleachers as a Wolfpack player parent. It has been a terrific ride and I am going to miss it!!! Now these boy's job is to learn how to apply these skills of goal setting and perseverance to life!! Walk tall and hold your heads high--you have earned it and we are proud of you!!!

"Whatever you do, work at is with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men...It is the Lord you are serving. Colossians 3 : 23,24

Sunday, October 19, 2008

COLD Friday night football

So you know the cold is least it waited until our second to last game of the season. I was over prepared with clothing to take along--as it acutally wasn't as cold sitting at the game as it felt on our yard.
Well tonight the team came out ready to play some football!!! We were the visiting team to Sioux Center. They have a new coach, and a worse record than ours--but are improving.
It was an exciting evening with some big plays on both sides--but we came out on the winning side of the score board.!!!!

So next week we meet Unity at home--that should be interesting--and after that--we will have to see what happens next week!!!

Wow--was this a football game???

...because if it was--apparently our players didn't know that was why I came home from Des Moines at 1am the morning of the game. We expected this to be a good competitve game. But once again--we didn't have a regular day of school today. It was our service day--where each small group does some kind of community service project. And when they are finished, the day is over--so of course no one is on the normal school routine schedule. But still not an excuse--just the way it is. We got beat in every sense of the word. 35 to 0!!! and to the Nighthawks!!
Too bad for Mom and Stacy--Josh didn't even get on the field!! No points scored--so the extra point team wasn't needed!!

Quilt Overload...Des Moines 2008

Ok---so life has been on a total whirlwind since returning from Des Moines--so I will tell a little about the quilt show first. I picked up Lois at 7am on Wednesday and we drove right to the HyVee convention center. It actually is a very easy drive--all 4 lane roads after LeMars.

Entering through the archway into a mass of vendors--was just a little overwhelming--and with so much to see--it was tough trying to decide what "needed" to come home with me!!! I purchased mostly products for Lizard Creek Quilting--some new rulers, a few pattern books, and lots of new threads. I actually used something from all three things already!! Will post something with the Glitter thread soon.
It took us all of the first day to get through 3/4 of the vendors. In the evening of the first day we took a small piecing class using a new ruler to make flying geese. Worked really slick--with no fabric waste.I felt the hardest part of the class was using a sewing machine that you are not used to operating. I had a few issues with it--but I am sure it was just operator error. We even found our motel with no problem in the dark--and no mapquest directions!!

Up and out early on Thursday morning after a really nice continental breakfast. We dropped some change at the rest of the vendors--I think it must be easier to spend money the second day!!! Then off to look at all the quilts. There were some amazing designs. I bought the book for this technique--and added another thing to my 'want to do someday" list.

I of course was looking at all the actual quilting--and have definitly set some new goals for always try the hardest thing that I can do. And then do it well!!! And to always look past the piecing design--to find where the quilting can be and then make it sing.

OH yeah--the other thing is--when at a national quilt show--to set the resolution on the camera to the highest setting so that you can study the quilts better when you get home. I forgot--and took all my pictures on low resolution--so when I try to zoom in all I get is pixels and not the quilting lines I wanted to see!! Live and learn for next time!!!

We ended the evening by going to a lecture with Elanor Burns. What a hoot she is--just as down to earth as her show is. Most of her lecture is a show and tell that the audience brings up on stage with her and she just kinda ad libs about each quilt. Usually something funny. Turns out that her and Lois have the same birthday.

All in all it was a great time, reconnecting with a friend, energizing some creativity, and challenging myself to improve on my skills.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

October Harvest Time

So hasn't this past week of weather been just absolutely gorgeous??? This is the reason I love where I live!! I LOVE the change of seasons. I don't know if I could live someplace where the weather never changes, the extreme changes I sometimes don't appreciate--but the anticipation of what each new season will bring is always exciting to me.
We haven't even had a killing frost yet--so some of the plants that like cooler weather are thriving again, and the ones that didn't make the summer where replaced with the never dying variety from Loopy's!!
We finished the bean harvest yesterday--and even early enough that the loads could be hauled to town. So all our crop is safely in storage!! This is the new to us wagon that Loren and Leon bought this summer. Loren was hauling honey this week so Dad had to do all the bean hauling and wagon moving--and he kept up with Leon extremely well. He went to bed exhausted--but up every day and always coming to the studio to tell me--"Isn't it a great day to be alive?!?"

We have only had a couple of these yet this year, most of them real close by so not a problem. Only once did Dad have the wheel come off and go rolling down the road in front of him down the hill on the way to Doon!! We have to pick up a few new rims in Sioux Falls when we sell hogs tomorrow!! Just in case.

I have been busy with hog work this week--one 3:30AM to load 2 semi's and another couple times to help Loren. Else the quilting has been picking up steam again!! Here are pics of some that I did this week.

This one was made by my Mom's oldest sister for her Granddaughter's wedding--so I thought it needed a little something more heirloom than just an allover design. And boy did Glenda love it when she came to pick it up!!

Next is a 9-patch pizzaz from Ginny. The design was made to look like the fields of Iowa to her when she was on several trips in the air this summer. So we chose an allover design of random contempory baptist fans combined with some row type lines to resemble all the differnent land and field types.

It was an appropriate quilt to work on yesterday--with the window open in the studio, listening to the combine in the field behind the grove, smelling the diesel of the tractor as it pulled the wagons over the yard, and just the wonderful weather of the day!!
Sometimes it is just a really good week--and don't we all wish we had the life of a dog on those weeks...

...the life of laying in the shade of a tree, with the leaves falling all around, watching your people scurry around doing their things, and just watching them.

Any ways, that has been my life this week. And it was good!!

"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world and all who live in it. " Psalm 24 : 1

Friday, October 3, 2008

It was our turn tonight... play Central Lion...all teams in the district must take their turn in playing the Lions. So far this year none of them have come away victorious.
And no matter how much game tape is watched and how much the Coach tells the boys that they are "beatable"...we came away with the same results as the rest of the Central Lion opponents this year. We lost. We scored twice--but they scored more.

Hard to get a good photo with a smaller camera and players way on other side of the field--but here we are just about to make the second score!!! Go 59!!