Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quilt Overload...Des Moines 2008

Ok---so life has been on a total whirlwind since returning from Des Moines--so I will tell a little about the quilt show first. I picked up Lois at 7am on Wednesday and we drove right to the HyVee convention center. It actually is a very easy drive--all 4 lane roads after LeMars.

Entering through the archway into a mass of vendors--was just a little overwhelming--and with so much to see--it was tough trying to decide what "needed" to come home with me!!! I purchased mostly products for Lizard Creek Quilting--some new rulers, a few pattern books, and lots of new threads. I actually used something from all three things already!! Will post something with the Glitter thread soon.
It took us all of the first day to get through 3/4 of the vendors. In the evening of the first day we took a small piecing class using a new ruler to make flying geese. Worked really slick--with no fabric waste.I felt the hardest part of the class was using a sewing machine that you are not used to operating. I had a few issues with it--but I am sure it was just operator error. We even found our motel with no problem in the dark--and no mapquest directions!!

Up and out early on Thursday morning after a really nice continental breakfast. We dropped some change at the rest of the vendors--I think it must be easier to spend money the second day!!! Then off to look at all the quilts. There were some amazing designs. I bought the book for this technique--and added another thing to my 'want to do someday" list.

I of course was looking at all the actual quilting--and have definitly set some new goals for always try the hardest thing that I can do. And then do it well!!! And to always look past the piecing design--to find where the quilting can be and then make it sing.

OH yeah--the other thing is--when at a national quilt show--to set the resolution on the camera to the highest setting so that you can study the quilts better when you get home. I forgot--and took all my pictures on low resolution--so when I try to zoom in all I get is pixels and not the quilting lines I wanted to see!! Live and learn for next time!!!

We ended the evening by going to a lecture with Elanor Burns. What a hoot she is--just as down to earth as her show is. Most of her lecture is a show and tell that the audience brings up on stage with her and she just kinda ad libs about each quilt. Usually something funny. Turns out that her and Lois have the same birthday.

All in all it was a great time, reconnecting with a friend, energizing some creativity, and challenging myself to improve on my skills.

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