Friday, October 3, 2008

It was our turn tonight... play Central Lion...all teams in the district must take their turn in playing the Lions. So far this year none of them have come away victorious.
And no matter how much game tape is watched and how much the Coach tells the boys that they are "beatable"...we came away with the same results as the rest of the Central Lion opponents this year. We lost. We scored twice--but they scored more.

Hard to get a good photo with a smaller camera and players way on other side of the field--but here we are just about to make the second score!!! Go 59!!


Anonymous said...

Well, at least is was a pep talk and not a _______talk!!! See you on wednesday!!!! Lois

Ashley A. said...

that sucks that they lost--at least it wasn't too much of a blow out! I lived through hobo days, and will see you next fri night! love ya!