Sunday, October 5, 2008

October Harvest Time

So hasn't this past week of weather been just absolutely gorgeous??? This is the reason I love where I live!! I LOVE the change of seasons. I don't know if I could live someplace where the weather never changes, the extreme changes I sometimes don't appreciate--but the anticipation of what each new season will bring is always exciting to me.
We haven't even had a killing frost yet--so some of the plants that like cooler weather are thriving again, and the ones that didn't make the summer where replaced with the never dying variety from Loopy's!!
We finished the bean harvest yesterday--and even early enough that the loads could be hauled to town. So all our crop is safely in storage!! This is the new to us wagon that Loren and Leon bought this summer. Loren was hauling honey this week so Dad had to do all the bean hauling and wagon moving--and he kept up with Leon extremely well. He went to bed exhausted--but up every day and always coming to the studio to tell me--"Isn't it a great day to be alive?!?"

We have only had a couple of these yet this year, most of them real close by so not a problem. Only once did Dad have the wheel come off and go rolling down the road in front of him down the hill on the way to Doon!! We have to pick up a few new rims in Sioux Falls when we sell hogs tomorrow!! Just in case.

I have been busy with hog work this week--one 3:30AM to load 2 semi's and another couple times to help Loren. Else the quilting has been picking up steam again!! Here are pics of some that I did this week.

This one was made by my Mom's oldest sister for her Granddaughter's wedding--so I thought it needed a little something more heirloom than just an allover design. And boy did Glenda love it when she came to pick it up!!

Next is a 9-patch pizzaz from Ginny. The design was made to look like the fields of Iowa to her when she was on several trips in the air this summer. So we chose an allover design of random contempory baptist fans combined with some row type lines to resemble all the differnent land and field types.

It was an appropriate quilt to work on yesterday--with the window open in the studio, listening to the combine in the field behind the grove, smelling the diesel of the tractor as it pulled the wagons over the yard, and just the wonderful weather of the day!!
Sometimes it is just a really good week--and don't we all wish we had the life of a dog on those weeks...

...the life of laying in the shade of a tree, with the leaves falling all around, watching your people scurry around doing their things, and just watching them.

Any ways, that has been my life this week. And it was good!!

"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world and all who live in it. " Psalm 24 : 1

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Ashley A. said...

Sad! Do you really have to rub it in that I can't be home for my FAVORITE time of year and fall asleep to the dryer!? Hearing my neighbors party till 2 and listening to cop/ambulance sirens at all hours isn't the same as the combine and empty wagons till 11 every night! That post just made me really homesick!