Friday, October 24, 2008

Last game of regular season...

Here I am, sitting up waiting for Josh to come home, writing my final Friday night football update. The night started out full of anticipation. We are facing our fellow school rival--Unity Christian. They have already secured a playoff spot with home field advantage--but they are meeting us on our homefield for the last game of the season, and they had better come ready.

To begin the night's activities the Senior players and their parents were recognized. 15 boys who put their heart and soul into learning the game. And the parents who put up with the sweaty, smelly and dirty clothes that came home with the players!! But it was all worth it!!! What a growing experience this has been. Make a goal. Practice hard. Persevere. Move forward. Hold your head up high!!!The team verse for the year--Matthew 23 : 12--"For whoever exhalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exhalted." Learning to not think of yourself and your desires but to put others in front of yourself for the betterment of everyone. What better way to learn about having a servant heart--than being part of a football team.
On to the game--the boys--and the fans came ready to play. The night air was cold and crisp with the hints of moisture that was to come in the second half. After 2 quarters of intense play, Unity was up by 6. We stayed right in the game keeping them to many 3 and outs!! Our defense really stepped up and played their game.
We had several times in the 10 and goal but just couldn't connect on another touchdown. After a very hard fought and well played game Unity came out on top 26 to 6.

There has been some reorganization in how many teams make the playoffs--and there is a possiblity that we might make it--more on that when I find out!!!

As a parent, I like the fact that we play a fellow Christian school for the final game of the season. We are each playing for our school--but ultimately for the same Lord. What a blessing and privilege it was to see the all the boys and coaches take a knee at center field and give the glory to the Lord.

And if that wasn't enough for a football mom--the Senior boys had yet to do the tradition full field walk. They start under the goal posts and walk the entire field holding hands. The last time on the home field as a Wolfpack football team. The last time in the home bleachers as a Wolfpack player parent. It has been a terrific ride and I am going to miss it!!! Now these boy's job is to learn how to apply these skills of goal setting and perseverance to life!! Walk tall and hold your heads high--you have earned it and we are proud of you!!!

"Whatever you do, work at is with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men...It is the Lord you are serving. Colossians 3 : 23,24

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Anonymous said...

Terri, Sorry to hear that WC lost, but at least they lost giving it their all!!! I am sure you are proud of Josh!!! And he came through in one piece!!! And just to let you know I got your message......I am in LaCrosse visiting Lanette and Myron is with me. We will be home late tomorrow. Til later, Lois