Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adorable Quilt Week...

So a couple weeks back--It was adorable quilt week at the Lizard Creek studio!!!! First I did the Smore's snowmen--pic on previous post.

Then this bright and sassy ladybug one...
I put meandering in the green areas and pebbleing in yellow around lady bugs. With a feather and curl vine in outer borders.
And if that isn't enough cuteness--how about this back?!?
Next up on the list...Snowmen snuggling under a quilt!!!

What acute concept--keeping snowmen warm!!! Put holly and ribbon curl in outer border. Some continuous curves in the "quilt" Outlining around the snowmen with meandering and stars in the background. Just might have to try something like this someday!!!

It's going to be hard to top this adorable week in the studio!!!

1 comment:

Jack said...

Lady bug quilt looks good and you did good job with it, I so want to have it but sadly amazon don't deliver here in Pakistan. Anyways thank you for sharing it with us