Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Magical Meandering Hooks??

When Lois and I were at Des Moines we both purchased a design book by Sally Terry--Hooked on Feathers. Neat concept--make feathers without backtracking. So next up on the list in the studio was Lois' "Three's A Crowd"--and she lets me try new things on her quilts--so I did the Magical Meander concept by Suzanne Early with Hooked Feathers.
First you draw a large meander over the quilt and then come back and put the feathers off the spine--I really like doing this and it gives great texture to the piece at an allover price.Come to think of it--I made a quilt like this too--we both took a pattern testing class by Ingrid Barlow...and I put a Magical Meander on mine too.It is now on Ashley's bed in her apartment--she loves it!!

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Anonymous said...

So glad to see that you have been busy at it!!! I can hardly wait to see my next "binding victim"!!