Sunday, December 7, 2008

Annual Cookie and Craft Day!!

When this tradition started--there was my 2 kids and my sister's 2 kids---well put a few more years into that and now there are 12 grandkids total--with 8 of them eight years old and under!!! Talk about a full house--they put the x-box in my bedroom...
...there were dolls in the laundry room--play ones..and real ones...!!
...and the rest of various assorted toys and kids in the family room...The noise level this year was considerably acceptable--several years ago, I think it broke the sound barrier!! Actually the weather was quite warm--so we tied Roxy to the pole and let them play outside for much of the afternoon.

Several different kinds of cookies and candies were made...Whoops--that picture is a little dark--and the counters are actually quite clean--imagine 5 cooks in that little space--but it sure is fun!!

Grandma had a few crafts for the little kids--and Ashley-- to do--they decorated a small paper machie tree with glitter and sequins--they did this one in the garage!! Then strung tri-beads into a candy cane shape. Have to keep the minds creative and always learning.

Notice in the first picture--Trevor was on the floor using all the beads the girls dropped!!

Then comes the craft time of the day--I usually like to keep it a secret--and my sister's are always excited to see what it will be--we have made beaded bracelet's, beaded bookmarks, a felted wool journal cover--and this year--with all the "green" hype--we made a reusable grocery tote.

I had three sewing machines set up--and the pattern pieces all cut to size already--so all Ashley and I had to do--was teach the step by step sewing. Mom and Stacy were very comfortable with the sewing process--but Janel only sews once a year!!
Everybody was intent on finishing the task at hand before the men came for supper...

..which we did--the guys are usually late anyway--some game goes into overtime--and they have to finish watching before they can come.

What a great memory making event!! There were your standard little tifs and misunderstandings--between children and adults!!--but we are all a family--with the same parents--now raising our own children to make their place in God's world.

It only took Loren and I 2 hours and the house was back to normal and you couldn't even tell that there was 25 people in our little house on the farm!! Memories only happen when you take the time to make them happen!!

"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13 : 34 - 35

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that sounds like so much fun!