Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dave the Deer and Josh's 18th birthday!!

Well--since I was informed by several people that I haven't updated you all on my life for a while--thought I would start where I left off--and go from there...opening deer season was on Josh's 18th birthday--so before he left at 4:30 in the morning to go sit in a tree stand I told him if he got a buck we would mount the antlers for his birthday gift. He told me it was some kind of skull mounting--not really sure what it was--but the price was reasonable--so that became the plan... he got his wish--only one of the 3 bucks that they saw that day--so he was pretty pumped about it all. He then brought the head to Bakker Taxidermy in Doon to get mounted and the meat to Hudson Locker to get made into jerky and pepper sticks--which he has picked up and says is delicious!!

Now fast forward to last week--when he came home with the finished mounted skull--and he decides that if he puts it up in his room where I thought it was going to go--that no one would see it--so after a "Please Mom"--it now has a place of residence in our one and only family room.

So I stood in the entrance into the room and Loren held the head up in several places until we found the corner that felt right--not really hidden--but also not right in your face.

So since I now have added dead wildlife to my decor and family--he needs a name--and Dave it is--Dave the dearly departed deer!! Josh isn't too sure about me nameing his deer--but he is greatly appreciative of the placement for him--and is already contemplateing where....the pheasant will go!!! We will have to see about that!!!

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