Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ashley's exciting news....

Now for some exciting and current news!!! Ashley has told me that she thinks that she doesn't exist in this family anymore because I never put her on my blog!! I tell her that's because she doesn't live here and I don't get any pictures of her. So for those of you wondering--she is a full-time 3rd year college student majoring in Interior Design, working a 40 hour week at Perkins and another part time job--plus try to have a social life. Apparently she inherited her father's love of work. We are proud of her that she is setting goals and working hard to attain them--and just generally in life.

So she has been dating Tyler since right after high school--they fit each other nicely--she can be wound as tight as a rubber band--and he can just chill really easy like--so they should make a nice fit!!!..plus he is quite the romantic...had this whole thing planned nice for the proposal. There is a gravel pit nearby that they always go riding 4-wheelers and he had one of their friends hiding in a trench under a tree right where she could photograph the whole thing!!! He pretended that his quad broke down and Ashley had to go get help--when she rounded the corner she read the words spray painted on the sand pile. So neat--and Abbie got it all on film for them.

These are just a few of the 400 pictures that she took--I would say that you could actually make a movie with them all. They are thinking about sometime next spring after Ashley graduates from college. Welcome to the family Ty!! Love you guys lots!!!

"Someone has once defined love as "friendship that has caught fire."" --Bill Hybels

"This is my lover, this is my friend." Song of Songs 5 : 16

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Anonymous said...

Hey Terri,

Its a good thing for digital cameras, that way we can remember where we have been and all the good memories that will come along with it. Congrats to you and especially to Ashley on her engagement!!!!