Sunday, April 12, 2009

Man the kitchen??

Over Christmas break--Josh hadn't secured an afterschool job yet--he has since started at the new Bomgaar's in Rock Valley and is totally enjoying the retail experience that he is getting.

Ok--back to the subject Terri. I was busy in the studio and Josh thought he needed Monster Cookies--don't know where that thought came from because that is one cookie that I don't think I ever made--maybe why he wanted them--so I found him the recipe--and left him to do the rest. When I came to check on him...this is what I found on the counter!!! Who would have thought about using a pocket utility knife to open your packages--certainly not me--I think a kitchen scissors is the appropriate tool for that job--but apparently not when a man is working in the kitchen.
The cookies turned out delicious and the Sunday night gang that comes over thought they were delicious!!

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