Sunday, April 12, 2009


This past fall--after football was finished, Josh and his friends had to find some other activity to fill their time with--they decided to build an ice shack--not just any shack--but one large enough for 7-8 people!!

So for several weeks they would meet in K & O in Hull to build this thing--they each brought scrounged items from home and pooled about $20 each for insulation and came up with a great finished product.

The first Saturday after it was finished, some of the builders pulled it out to Lake Pahoja and used it for 1 hour--with no fishing sucess--they put out the fire in the wood stove they built and went home. Sunday morning in church someone told Chad that his ice shack was a burned up pile of rubble...
...this wood stove they built--possibly the culprit?!?! When Josh and 2 other guys arrived at the scene--there was little left but the steel. He was quite upset for a while--as he never even got to use it..but there is always the possibilty of building something else with those guys.

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