Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vintage tablecloth gifts...

This summer Ashley and I were on an inspiration shopping trip--you know the kind where you don't really go out to buy anything in particular--mostly because you hadn't been out in the world for a while, so you don't even know what is in style anymore?!? So we were just browsing through Hobby Lobby--great store for inspirations--and found a book all about aprons--I had seen it in magazines--but never in person--and somehow it found the way into my cart!! There is a section on the history of aprons, section of pictures, and then a section of patterns. What a book to get the wheels turning in my mind!!!

So I have had this tablecloth hanging out in my cupboard since I bought it on a garage sale--but I didn't like to use it because it has a seam down the middle and doesn't really lay nice on the table-- I decided to turn it into 6 aprons!! One for each of my sisters, with one for me and Ashley!!
Next to find the perfect fabric for the ties--went looking online--as didn't have time to go to Sioux Falls--and besides--a trip to town usually means spending more money than probaly should!!! Found an online quilt shop-- --I have done some quilting for her, so thought I would check out what she had--turns out there is a new fabric line out by Anna Griffen that matches these vintage colors perfectly. She was totally amazed when I showed her the tablecloth and how great of a match it was!!So being the procrastinator that I am--although actually I thought I was a few days ahead of schedule--on the Saturday before Thanksgiving--I made up these adorable aprons!!

What a hit they were at our annual day after Thanksgiving cookie and craft day!!