Thursday, September 4, 2008

Feed the Hungry...

So what does it take to keep the Varsity football team from going hungry??? Five Moms and three tables of food.
Every Thursday night after practice, the cafeteria becomes a mass of sweaty teenage boys, hungry for some Mom-cooked food and we delivered it tonight.

The quanity of food that these famished young men can put away is here is the rundown of the menu tonight.

10 dozen grilled pork loin buns, 8--9X13 pans of Cheesy potatoes, 2 large Oreo cookie salads, 2 large Taco salads, 5 cookie sheets of bars, 6 gallons of white milk and 4 gallons of chocolate milk. And it all was consumed by 65 players and coaches in just 20 minutes!!

After finishing the two plates each of food, they all thanked us sincerely and left prepared to play hard in tomorrow night's game!!

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