Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Luxury Holiday Stockings with AccuQuilt stocking die

Oh man--how did it get to be 7 days away from Christmas?!?! Harvest was long and hard on the farm here at Lizard Creek--so there needed to be some rest and recuperation days taken!!!

I did make some time to use one of AccuQuilt's new fall release dies--the GO! Stocking #55854. As part of their new GO!Getters program--I get to come up with amazing projects using their dies--which I am given by them--and then write a post for their blog with all the specifics on how you can make the project also!!

You can read about my first AccuQuilt blog project--Gather Fall Blessings pillow HERE!!

Now to Luxury Holiday Stockings...funny backstory to both of the fabrics used in this project!!

I was cleaning out a sewing room cupboard--you know one of those lovely corner ones--yeah--I took out the spinning thing--to make more storage room--and sometimes it just becomes a catch all place.
So in digging to the back of the cupboard, I unearthed this peice of upolstery fabric that I had purchased when we were building the house. I was going to have my sewing chair recovered with the fabric. Well that did not happen--but I still loved the color!! In popped the idea to make Christmas stockings that would match my decor!!!

So I pitched the idea as a GO!Getters project of using unusual fabrics with AccuQuilt dies! Great idea--project accepted.

Now, let's get to the faux fur backstory. My friend, Lois and I go to a sewing club at Heirloom Creations in Sioux Falls once a month--and have done so for almost 20 years. We take the day off from quilting and farm life to learn new things at sewing club, catch up on each other's life over lunch and do a little errand shopping. We always have a great time and I highly suggest this practice!!!
Well on this particular Tuesday in September after an outdoor lunch downtown, we went to the local JoAnn's where I purchased several different faux furs to try for this project. We finished our shopping and went home--nothing unusual so far!!
Later that evening, around 11:30 pm, Sioux Falls was hit with a tornado--right through the center of  many businesses and the heart hospital!! There were no fatalities--thank the Lord!!! But the strip mall where JoAnn's is located was severely damaged!! And has not been open since!! You don't realize how much you use something until it is gone!!

Remembering the history behind these fabrics will make me smile every holiday when I hang them!!

Read the full blog post on AccuQuilt blog HERE to learn tips about working with unusual fabrics and AccuQuilt dies!!

Have a Blessed Christmas Season!!!

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Kathleen said...

These are fantastic! I will have to remember this idea for my fancy friends.