Saturday, February 20, 2021

Wild Iowa Rose...Around the States...50 blocks tour

 ...welcome to my day of Around the States block tour!!

Iowa has been my home for over 35 years now--so I guess you can say I plan on staying here!!

A few fun facts about the state--Iowa became the 29th state in 1846. "Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain" is the states' motto.

Manufacturing and agriculture are the states' largest industries.

The state leads the nation in corn and soybean production--both of which we grow on our farm. Also, the state is 3rd in total livestock sales. The livestock we raise is pork.

Iowa is bordered by the Missouri river on the West....that is Nebraska you see in the distance...

...and the Mississippi on the East...we are heading back into Iowa after a short stay in Illinois...

...and in between the rivers you will find miles of backroads with rows and rows of cropland on either side...

...seeing all this beautiful countryside from the back of our motorcycle is my favorite thing in the world--besides quilting of course!!

I hope you have been enjoying this block tour around the United States--more information can be found HERE.

States coming up after Iowa can be found at these sites:

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To represent Iowa, I chose a take on "Hole in the Barn Door" block. The blue fabric represents the rivers that border the state. I used a fresh green fabric to represent the vast acres of agriculture plants that cover the state during the growing season. And the state flower--the Wild Rose, that grows profusely along the roadways!!


Susan said...

Thanks for the pictures of the state. When we were full time 5th-wheelers, we were in Iowa twice, and I thought it was beautiful! A motorcycle sounds like a great place to view the state, but I'd want leathers protecting my arms! =) Thanks for the pictures and the pretty block.

Susan said...

Lovely block, and easy too! Great choice of colors!

Robin said...

Thanks for the block. I enjoy reading/learning about each state.