Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Sawtooth Star...The Borders Quilt-along...

Round 3 of The Border Quilt...quilt along!! Sawtooth Stars!! Make sure to check out Patterns By Jen for the pattern if you are just joining me. This is a cool quilt with mulitple borders which leaves lots of room to personalize and make it your own!! Go to her blog HERE to see how she makes these stars and find the other blogs sewing along!!

If you remember from my first post HERE, I am going really scrappy and quite spur of the moment designing with this quilt. The fabrics used in this round where literally the top ones in the magical gray tote of fabric....check out the first post to see that I am not lying!!!

Jen writes great easy to follow instructions in her patterns. I just tend to be a rebel and usually go my own path...I cut my pieces with the AccuQuilt.

Unassembled sawtooth stars....all cut with the GO! 8" MIx & Match Qube. Isn't that animal print just so adorable!! I have very little of it left from a Dahlia quilt workshop in my guild. It found the perfect place to live in thie Borders Quilt.

If you don't have one of these cutting gizmos in your sewing should...I am not affiliated, just a fan!!

I choose to make 8 sawtooth stars and fill the remaining spaces with large scales print fabrics.

We haven't seen the sun here in Northwest Iowa for 2 weeks, with the last week being cold and rainy!! Most of our crops are still in the fields that have water standing in them like you see in this photo from our patio this morning. At least it isn't snow...which I am guessing Jen has today!!

So working with these bright, happy and colorful fabric was a total bright spot in my life last night!!!

Photo fail!! Like I said...cold...38 degrees and WINDY.

Indoors for the photo today.

Bookmark October 24 for the next round!! See you then!!!

Lucky readers today!! I was part of an online Row Along--you can read that HERE.
There was an Electric Quilt giveaway which is now closed....BUT Electric Quilt has offered a great discount code to all my readers!! 20 percent off any EQ product except classes. Great deal!!
The coupon code is: STBSRA20
The expiration is October 23, 2018

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Anonymous said...

I love how you did your star borders... Such a great way to highlight big, pretty prints!