Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wedding quilt

Ashley wanted an outdoor wedding, but didn't want to deal with weather chances--so we settled on a canopy that her and Ty could get married under. We rented old porch poles from a lady in Sioux Center and I made them a quilt that would form the canopy. We wanted the quilt to have lots of symbolism and meaning to add to their special day. The center interconeccted rings consist of 4 fabrics each to represent Ashley and Ty. A cross quilted in the center to remind them to keep Christ as the center of the new family they are starting. Then through all the white rings Tyler's Mom wrote her anniversary date and the grand and great grandparents dates. I did the same thing. We also incorporated little pieces of handwork from both sides of the family. The letter above is a love letter written by Ashley's grandparents while he served in the Korean War.
A special quilt for a special couple--meant to remind them of all the years of family history before them and to keep the Lord as the center of their life.


BunkHouseQuilts said...

Oh my, what a treasure! I love everything about it and your quilting is wonderful!

Ardelle said...

Oh wow! The quilting on this is amazing!!!