Sunday, June 17, 2012

World Pork Expo

First lets start by saying that--really?!?!--I have been working with hogs every day--and sometmes 2 times a day--of course that would be morning and night--so that one has to shower two and once in a while three times a day. Let's not make it easy and have the 2 a days both in the morning--that might be too much planning for some people--but I'm not really complaining as it is the life we chose and I do love working with my husband. It's just the fact that even though I grew up on a hog farm--I just don't really like to get all dirty and stinky--and if you have never smelt a hog barn--it is quite a pungent odor. I really like to stay clean and actually have my hair looking nice during the day!!
OK enough ranting about that--I am really proud of the fact that I can sort and load these critters just about as good as my husband!!
So where was I going with this post--oh yeah--the World Pork Expo is held in Des Moines every year and Loren has wanted to go every year--well this year he decided that we should go--yep--we loaded a semi at 5am--left for Des Moines at 5pm--got there about 9:30pm and returned home about 7pm the next day because we had to sort  a semi load for the following morning. Now if you didn't follow that--don't worry--just know that we totally had a little relaxing day right inbetween loading semi's!!
The trade show was quite interesting--I probaly couldn't do it more than one day--but still it was interesting. The really cool part was all the sponsored food tents outside!! The smell of grilled pork just made your mouth water--and then to find out that it was all free!! Well even better!! One company had a Hawaiian Luau theme with real hula dancers. There was fresh squeezed lemonade with appetizers in another tent. The most amazing delight was something called hog wings--they come from the shank bone in the leg--and they just melted in your mouth!! Totally worth the price of admission!!

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