Thursday, April 25, 2013

Half way point in Terri's Great Quilt Adventure...

To my family--you get this--to the rest of you--here's the deal. As our kids were growing up we  always took a vacation every year, but we managed to take a few special ones. These special vacations were given the title of "Great Adventures" and were documented with a journaling and photo quilt. So that is why the Promise Kept quilt needed to be who knows maybe this adventure might need to be remembered in fabric too someday!!
Now on to the day...once again it is after 11pm and here I sit--and we thought we would be to bed on time tonight!!! At least tonight we both made sure that our phone alarms were off as both phones woke us up at 5:30 this morning--and we both thought that we had shut them off--so we went back to sleep. Lucky for us the alarm fairy made sure that the clock radio in the room rang at 7am--neither of us set it--so not sure why it rang.
Loaded up on the bus at 8:45. It made a few different stops to let people off at different events around the city. When we get to the convention center the line to get in is 6 people wide and at least 50 yards long to get into the main level--so being the non-conformist that I tend to be--we went to the lower level and walked right in!!! More vendors--but with shoulder to shoulder room in some we just looked from the outside to see if anything caught our eye and moved on to the next--still things just seemed to appear in my bag!!! That I purchased of course...
I would love to show you photos of the quilts and you may be waiting for them--but it is posted online that the AQS show does not allow photos to be shared unless you have the quiltmakers' permission--and I gave myself permission yesterday. So I will just try and give you a feeling of what the whole experiece is here. It's kinda like someone said at our bus tour's show and tell tonight--Everyone is happy because they want to be here--no one is forceing them to be here--unless they might be the husband who has to carry the bags.
There is a big tented area outside the convention center with several food vendors and picnic tables set up has a festival kind of feel to it. It was kinda rainy and drippy today so we just took it inside and ended up sitting on the floor in the hallway.
Buses waiting to take the weary shoppers back to their motels to recharge for the next day.
We went to Bob Evans for supper--I can say that I don't have to stop at another one of those anytime soon again--I was quite hungry for a hamburger and fries--been having some ketchup withdrawals---so here comes my plate and it is a pressed square pattie--not that the meat was bad--just me--can't do square hamburgers--so I had a bacon cheese sandwich.
Anyway---we had show and tell with our group tonight at 7:30 and didn't finish until 10! What a great group of people on this trip--so much fun to see and learn about others with a common interest. Everyone has a reason to why they do this craft and it's so interesting to see the personality of the person shine through the choices in products and projects that appeal to them.
For my friends and family with snow on the ground yet--this last photo is for you--proof that spring will come...the Lord says there is a season to everything...springtime and it will come.


Lucy Drinkall aka o2b Quilting said...

Are you staying at the Drury Inn? If so, Marilyn and I would love to chat with you. We are staying there.

Lucy aka o2b Quilting

Anonymous said...

Yes even a guy is commenting, but I am an exception, better you than me there, but enjoy and take it ALL in---you have this time coming with all the hard work you do. Love Loren