Friday, April 26, 2013

St. Joseph, Missouri

Take Dramamine. Ride bus. Ride Bus. Play Bejeweled Butterflys. Ride Bus. Play Bejeweled Digger. Ride Bus. Stop at McDonalds so other riders could get senior discount coffee. Take Dramamine. Ride Bus. Listen to book. Ride Bus. Dinner at Cracker Barrel.Take Dramamine. Ride Bus. Listen to book and play solitare at same time. Ride Bus. Drop off passenger in Kansas City. Ride Bus. Listen to book and play solitare at same time. Eat NutterButter cookies. Ride Bus. Get to Drury Inn in St. Joseph. Wasn't very hungry so had some broccoli soup and nachos and cheese. Went for walk in neighbor hood. Better head to bed soon as the bus is loading at 6am tomorrow!!!
Not a lot of photo opportunities today. Plus my camera batteries are just about dead, so thought I would share a FEW of my purchases with you...
This adorable kit was found in the very first booth I went in--40 X 45 wool applique and flannel piecing wallhanging. It came in that sweet racoon bag. There is an owl, bear, rabbit, fox, wolf,racoon deer--and I forget the other ones. Just too cute of kit to not come home with me. I never seen it at any other booth either!!!
This photo isn't that exciting but it is the supplies needed to do some snow dye of fabric. I would like to try dye some fabric and using snow gives a great mottled effect. Click the link to a blog with a tutorial and gorgeous photos.So I wanted to have everything ready for next winter. Chartruese, Eggplant, Pumpkin and Turquiose. Can't wait to see what it makes!!!
These great buttons from the 70's that will become earrings on my Quilt Diva lady that I cut out the applique pieces riding the bus down to Kentucky.
Of course there were more purchases. A few ZenTangle books--someday I should actualy try tangling--but I love to read the books and they can inspire my quilting!! Some machine quilting rulers, DVD, and a few Digital Machine quilting books.
This trip as been quite a journey and inspiration overload. I have seen some amazing quilts with painstakingly small and precise quilting, great color combinations and inspired design!! I have met some great people on the bus who started the trip as strangers and ended the trip as friends.
Thanks so much for all the notes of encouragement and kind words that you have given me--they are all treasured and help to spur me on to the next level and challenge that the Lord may have in store for me!!!

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Milo Anderson said...

Seems like you had troublesome day today in terms of travelling. But I am sure the shopping must have freshened up your mood. I loved those old style buttons. I am looking forward for this book review in the pictures.