Sunday, April 15, 2018

Block 3....and 4...The Quilter's Planner SAL....

Back at it here in April!! Besides the fact that Block 3 was probably just as easy to cut with rotary than the AccuQuilt husband and I went through a quite a few health issues in there was no Block 3 SAL post.

But we are both on the mend and getting back into life as normal. That can not be said about the weather here in NW Iowa though. This morning was clean up after a major spring blizzard dropping at least 14" of snow in our area!! More is predicted this week again!! Oh will spring ever show up??

Let's start with Block 3--just because the colors make me happy!!
The fabrics are all from Island Batik. Some were supplied to me in the Ambassador program and some I purchased myself from Hancock's of Paducah.
Look and ask for them in your local quilt shop!!

I chose to rotary cut the pieces for this block. Not affiliated with Quilter's Select--but do really love the mat and rotary cutter. The rotary is said to be completely usable by both right and left hand people. I can say this is true. Yesterday in the blizzard I had my ever so helpful left handed husband do some cutting for me and he really liked it. This was only his second time using a rotary cutter and there was no learning curve or frustration. It worked great for him!!

This block went together fast and easy following the instruction in the magazine. I followed everything except for the final pressing--I spun all the intersections instead of pressing the long seams open.

My little spot of spring until it decides to appear here!!

I really liked the dark background I used in Block I am thinking I might do 6 blocks with dark background and 6 with a light background and see what happens with that!!

Block 4 will use the GO! Mix & Match 8" Qube.

Die #1-- will need a 5" dark square
Die #3--will need 2 @ 5 3/8" dark squares and 2 @ 5 3/8" light squares
Die #8--will need a 5 1/2" dark square and a 5 1/2" light square

Eleanor Burns talks about "Smart Stacking" the fabrics on the die board before cutting. I have never tried it so this was the perfect opportunity.

The idea is to place the pieces for the HST right sides together before placing them on the the die board. Then when the cut pieces come out they are already stacked together ready to be sewn together.

It was a slick trick and one I will be using again in the future!!

The other thing to pay attention to when die cutting this block--is the orientation of the fabrics when placing them on the die board. I wanted the stripes in the light blue to go around the center square. So pay attention to the fabric choice and how it can be placed on the die board.

Can't wait to have the finished quilt to use in my house!!

I am so enjoying sharing my journey of The Quilter's Planner sew along with you. It has given me just the right boost to keep at it and press on!! Thank you for following along!!

Starting tomorrow--April 16--I will be part of the 2018 New Quilt Bloggers blog hop. This will run for 4 weeks with several different participants, great sponsors and amazing prizes. 

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Hope to see you there!!


Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Cute staged photo of your block! Tell me, how does that die work, with it being at an angle? Do you have to run your fabrics through at an angle? Why isn't it straight on?

lizardcreekquilter said...

The answer to Nancy's question is that the fabric is lined up according to the blades in the die--or the shape to be cut--and not the actual outside edges of the die board. Any other questions I can help with--don't be afraid to ask!! Thanks--Terri