Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Border Quilt Along....checkerboards....

Checkerboard borders!!! Oh how fun they can be.....if I would have just followed the instructions as Patterns by Jen so nicely created for her Borders Quilt!!

....but this stack of 10" sqaures was on top of the pile in the gray just going scrappy with them!!!

Stacked them up no more than six layers on my AccuQuilt 2 1/2" strip cutter die....and cut the 10" sqaures into strips.

Layered the cut strips perpendicular to the blades on the die and cut again...

With just a couple passes through the GO! Big--multiple 2 1/2" sqaures. I did run a few stacks through the cutter again--as those pesky pinked edges really mess with me!!!

Love me a fabric closeup!!

Just keep piecing....piecing....piecing. Here is when I ran into a bit of trouble--no fault to Patterns by  Jen!! As I said before--those pesky pinked edges get me every time I work with precuts!!! I should have checked that my 1/4" seam allowance was true and working with these pieces. I didn't and ended up doing a bit of unsewing and resewing to make the borders fit correctly.
This is a Borders Quilt--so I had better make sure that each border is the correct size with each round--or my quilter---me---might charge me an extra fee for ruffled border!!! LOL

Now this photo shows a bit of ruffling--but it does lay flat and the measurements are correct. Hopefully I follow Jen's wonderful instructions better on the next round!!! Come back on October 10 to find out!!!
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