Wednesday, September 26, 2018

StarSpin Flowers with Island Batik....

Stars is the Island Batik Ambassador assignment for September--any size, color or shape!!! I just love wide open assignments!! The fabrics used were all supplied to me by Island Batik.

I started with these glorious colors from the Victoria and Albert collection from Island Batik--they should be in your favorite quilt shop now--if not ask for them!!!

I used the Victoria and Albert collection to make Peace Seeker for the Island Batik Spring/Summer 2018 catalog. It even made the back cover!! You can find the pattern here.

Oh how I love playing with the AccuQuilt Qubes!! I pretty much won't design or make a quilt without using them anymore!! 

Just look how CUTE these little pieces are from the 6" Corners Qube!!!

Oh the decisions....on point or horizontal....and which fabrics to use?!?!?

Dark green and horizontal made the cut---along with a nice shade of taupe Aurifil for the quilting.

Straight line quilting for the win!!!

Just look how the fabrics match almost perfectly to the hydrangea bush in our landscaping.... the only way I can explain this is that it must be a God-Thing!! I may have been too excited and took a few too many photos.....

Playing with focus...just like life...what we focus on becomes what we see most in life...

Thanks again to Island Batik and Aurifil for the amazing products to do this cute little project!!!

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Karen E Overton said...

I love this - indeed it was a God moment to share in the creative process of design of this quilt and His flowers �� love the “focus” analogy- so true!